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Bible Gateway Advertises New Age-Inspired Daniel Plan for “Lent” (But Have 12,000 Websites Removed Bible Gateway?)

Bible Gateway is one of the most popular websites on the Internet today, ranking in the top 1000 websites worldwide. In 2010, Lighthouse Trails posted John Lanagan’s article “Bible Gateway Now Gateway to Heretical Authors – Could Point Millions to Emerging Teachings “ and in 2012 our own article titled “Biblegateway Teaches Readers “Lectio Divina” – a Dangerous Gateway to a New Spiritual Outlook.” Thus, it isn’t a surprise to see that the Zondervan/Harper Collins-owned company is promoting Rick Warren’s New Age-inspired Daniel Plan. For the reasons explained in the two articles, Lighthouse Trails had to remove Bible Gateway from our  recommended resources for our readers.

While Bible Gateway is an excellent tool to look up Scriptures, the advertising for “new” spirituality teachers is a regular occurrence. For example, this week’s advertisings include books by Andy Stanley and John Ortberg,

In Lanagan’s 2010 article, he pointed out a statement that Bible Gateway makes about their advertising of books:

Bible Gateway offers this assurance:  “Of course, it’s critical that any advertising on Bible Gateway reflects our Christian values and does not conflict with our mission. That means we carefully screen the ads that appear on Bible Gateway, and we don’t use ads in ways that interfere with your ability to read and study Scripture.”1

The statement also says:

[I]f you spot an ad that you consider problematic for any reason, we’re listening. We want the ads to complement the site, offering you relevant and valuable services and offers.

We’re very aware of the trust you place in us when you choose to use Bible Gateway, and we want to protect that trust carefully. We hope and pray that Bible Gateway will continue to be a blessing to you in your spiritual walk.

Unfortunately, even though Lanagan and others have contacted Bible Gateway about these advertisements for contemplative/emerging authors, Bible Gateway continues this marketing practice.

It’s possible that some Christian ministries are tired of Bible Gateway’s promotions of these new spirituality leaders. In 2012, when we last wrote about Bible Gateway, 48,000 websites were linking to Bible Today, according to (a popular ranking website), only 36, 000 are linking in. While it’s only speculation as to what happened to those 12,000 sites that are no longer linking to it, we would like to think that many of them were Christian ministries and individuals who refuse to join with Bible Gateway’s compromise.


The Circle Makers

In a book written by Mark Batterson called, The Circle Maker: Praying Circles Around Your Biggest Dreams and Greatest Fears, Batterson insist that one can draw a circle around various issues and desires, and God will intervene mightily.—C.H. Fisher


By C. H. Fisher

There is this familiar and oft-quoted excerpt from a poem, “Outwitted,”  by Edwin Markham;

“He drew a circle that shut me out-
Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout.
But love and I had the wit to win:
We drew a circle and took him In !”

Is it possible to cause a rebellious heretic to change his heart and mind with nothing but love?  Of all the people to attempt to win with love, the rebellious heretic is the most difficult.  It seems good on the surface, a Christian thing to do, roping a rebellious heretic with a circle of love and taking him in.  In fact, professing Christians often quote the excerpt as if it is a noble example of true Christianity.  But I’m not certain that it was Christianity that Markham determined to win his rebellious heretic to.

Before writing his poem, Markham became a mystic under the influence of Thomas Lake Harris.  Harris, who had contact with spirit entities such as “The Lily Queen”, was the leader of a small religious cult.  As a winemaker, he claimed that his wine was filled with “divine breath” and thus free from noxious properties including the effects of alcohol.  Markham also became a Mason. His first wife divorced him over his adulterous affair.  To my knowledge he never practiced Christianity.  So exactly what he meant by his poem we may never know.

There is some circle drawing going on in Christianity today that appears to be based on the same fanciful notion that Markham wrote about.  Popular pastor and author Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church (and other professing Christians) has been teaching an imaginative salvation plan called Kingdom Circles.  It is a method of inclusion whereby false religions and cults are accepted into Christianity without renouncing their sin or heresy.  The plan involves a large circle with a number of small circles on its perimeter.  The large circle supposedly represents the Kingdom of God, and the smaller circles represent false religions and cults.  The portion of the small circles that fall inside of the large one is considered light, and the portion on the outside of the large circle is darkness.  Thus, a Muslim has his dark portion in the kingdom of Satan with his light portion in the kingdom of God.  Of course, this defies the Word of God, but that does not matter to the circle makers.  They drew circles and took them in.

One of Warren’s associates and collaborating authors Dr. Mehmet Oz practices Reiki.  During a workshop with her husband, Dr. Oz’s wife conducted a Reiki experience that went as follows. Click here to continue reading this article.

New DVD Exposes “Christian Palestinianism” and the Evangelical Leaders Promoting It

Lighthouse Trails is now carrying Caryl Matrisciana’s extraordinary new DVD titled Exposing Christian Palestinianism. Lighthouse Trails editors have reviewed this powerful film, which explains what “Christian Palestinianism” is and identifies key Christian leaders who are strongly promoting this anti-Semitic, anti-biblical movement that is gaining fast ground within the evangelical church. We do not have the trailer for this film yet, but the video below from a Berean Call conference presents Paul Wilkinson who is one of the speakers on the Exposing Christian Palestinianism DVD (Dave Hunt is another).

This 3-part DVD is 104 minutes long and sells for $22.95. It is worth every penny. After watching this film, you will realize how frighteningly similar the world stage is today to how it was in the 1930s with regard to the attitude against the Jews and Israel. With propaganda films such as With God on Our Side, Israel is becoming more and more marginalized while Islam (entering the church through Chrislam) is becoming more and more accepted. While we know that the Bible says the day will come when the world will turn against Israel, woe to those Christians who join with the world in doing so. But that is what is happening today.


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The green areas are predominately Muslim countries. Israel is in red.


Letter to the Editor: The Message at Celebrate Recovery Has Been Twisted – The False Teachings of 12 Steps

Dear Lighthouse Trails:

This subject has been written on my heart for several months now because I have been volunteering as a leader in [Rick Warren's] Celebrate Recovery and involved in this program for almost three years. I have been waiting for God to lead me away from this group on His time, and this booklet track [The "Spiritual" Truth Behind Alcoholics Anonymous] has shed new light into this arena.  I believe God is telling me to separate and [is] trying to arm me with info to pass along to others. As a former Catholic and attender of AA and then experiencing many more years of addiction and abusive relationships with people, places, and things, I was broken. I thank God everyday for breaking me!

That brokeness led me to CR, but it didn’t take long for me to repent and accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior,  hallelujah! Over these past few years, my eyes of discernment have only been opened by Him. The false teachings of 12 steps mixed with God’s Truth has been the equivalent of a crystal clear glass of clean water touched with a few drops of poison; it leaventh the whole lump! While there are many godly and well-meaning people involved at the local Celebrate Recovery, the message has been twisted. They’ll say, “I don’t know anybody that doesn’t need recovery” where I often chimed in, “I don’t know anyone who doesn’t need Jesus.”

I am hoping you might expand the information given here to address the issues of “other 12 step programs” including the abomination of all time from the Purpose Driven movement spawn of Celebrate Recovery.

Thank you for being the light in the midst of the storm. I know spiritual deception separates families as my own aunt ________ , a nun for over 50 years, is teaching the occult and spreading the gospel of Satan through her church and artwork.  I pray the messages of Truth will continue to shine and speak even louder in this time of urgency.


Sandra (not real name)

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Update: Main Calvary Chapel Store Removes Rick Warren’s Daniel Plan After Numerous Complaints

On January 7th, Lighthouse Trails posted a letter to the editor titled: “Main Calvary Chapel Bookstore Just Added Rick Warren’s Daniel Plan Book.” Today, we received e-mails from various Lighthouse Trails readers stating that they were told by the Calvary Chapel store that it decided to remove Rick Warren’s Daniel Plan book after receiving a number of phone calls and complaints over the last two days. As of this writing, the link we had posted to the store where the book was made available is no longer available (see here), and it appears that The Daniel Plan is no longer for sale. The Daniel Plan, a dieting plan offered by Rick Warren and Saddleback church, is a creation of three doctors who advocate as part of good health New Age/eastern-style meditation.

Letter to the Editor: Main Calvary Chapel Bookstore Just Added Rick Warren’s Daniel Plan Book

To Lighthouse Trails:

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailWell now that Chuck [Smith] has passed away . . . I just noticed that the main Calvary Chapel bookstore has just recently listed Warrens Daniel Plan and Journal for sale.  (Click here.)

LTRP note: This is troublesome that the main Calvary Chapel bookstore has added The Daniel Plan. This will send out a message to Calvary Chapel pastors and congregants that Rick Warren’s message is acceptable, when in fact, the Daniel Plan was created using three doctors who are all advocates of eastern-style meditation. The reason we believe the reader above said “now that Chuck has passed away” is because in 2006, Chuck Smith made a public announcement rejecting the Purpose Driven Movement.

Please refer to our recent article, Rick Warren’s New Book, The Daniel Plan, Receives Media Blitz—But Book Does Double-Speak on Eastern-Style Meditation”  regarding the Daniel Plan book. Also check out some of our articles on The Daniel Plan’s three meditation-promoting doctors:

Understanding the Occultic Nature of Tantric Sex (The Practice Promoted by Dr. Amen – Rick Warren’s Daniel Plan Doctor)

Rick Warren’s Daniel Plan Accelerates – Tells Followers to Practice 4-7-8 Hinduistic Meditation

NEW PRINT BOOKLET TRACT: Rick Warren’s Daniel Plan – The New Age/Eastern Meditation Doctors Behind the Saddleback Health

Rick Warren’s “Daniel Plan” currently recommends hypnosis, Eastern/new age meditation


Letter to the Editor: Search for a Biblical Church Reveals Deceit and Deception

Dear Light House Trails:

First, can I thank you for the excellent maintenance of keeping your finger on the pulse of the New Age and emergent Christianity. This is a critical issue that has been of serious concern for me since the early 1990s.

I am quite amazed that the process that is occurring in the traditional churches I saw happening in the Pentecostal church back in the 1990s . Almost like a trial run.

I wish to make comment on “How To Find a Good Bible Believing Church” on page 15 of your Research Journal.

My personal experience in searching for a biblical church is one of deceit and deception.

After attending one church a number of times, I wrote (a congregational) explaining the danger of the existentialist message preached and the dangers associated with Rick Warren.

I lovingly hand bound the letter as a book made 4 other copies for the elders in the church.

Never even got a response. He has a regular spot on the Christian radio station in my local area. (A Christian radio station that plays more worldly music than Christian. They argue that non Christians will listen to it and happen to hear a Christian message and be saved. I reason the opposite, that short of good Christian input these days, a young Christian turns to a Christian radio station expecting to hear Christian music, even though that is a topic in itself, and come across worldly music only to fall in love with godless bands and seek further worldly music and be drawn away from the faith instead.) A Christian Radio station tempting Christians into ungodliness.

I wrote to another church I visited (Baptist) who claimed they were not into Rick Warren, only to hear the entire message as a complete Warrenesk theology, speaking about the new missiology, the influences that surrounded Warren. Even quoting his favourite scriptures. The only thing that was neglected in the message was Rick Warren’s name. It was only that I had previously done the research on Warren and the Purpose Driven Life in the previous letter mentioned, that I could hear Rick Warren speaking from the pulpit.

The songs were also concerning. They were singing new songs I have never heard before which were very troubling to my spirit as one of them was about the New World Order coming.


So my family and I returned to our other congregation _________________.

Again they sell Rick Warren’s book in the back, and I kept hearing more and more echoes of his influence. Some years before the New Minister, the church underwent 40 Days of Purpose, which I was not involved in.

It got to the point where I had to write a letter to the minister as well about a sermon an assistant minister in the church preached and how much of it was using Purpose Driven Philosophy and numerous “techniques” to recruit to their cause.  Deception concealing non Christian sources by refraining from referencing them and letting the quote stand as truth when they were from Hindu’s.

I did get a decent response back explaining the minister was not fond of Rick Warren and were aware of the deceptions of mysticism are entering the church. That the minister’s sermon was discussed in Bible study groups and it was considered as seriously flawed and that the church only came short of publicly reprimanding him because he has only been preaching for a year. They admitted they had Warren’s book up the back but did not go to the extent of saying they would remove them.

Again it feels like the whole church environment is nothing but politics. Say what you need to to avoid difficulties and get to the next phase of change so to speak.

I think the advice given in “How To Find a Good Bible Church” was good but at the end of the day, if we do not understand the topic at hand we are prone to deception because we cannot trust anyone to admit anything. It is about getting people in the door these days, not the telling the truth.

In the Glorious name of Salvation

Shawn (not real name)

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