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Graphic Artist Challenges State Law Forbidding Her From Declining Creation of Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Sites

By Heather Clark
Christian News Network

DENVER, Co. — A graphic artist in Colorado has filed a preemptive lawsuit to challenge a state law that she says forbids her from turning down orders to create websites in favor of same-sex “marriage.”

Smith (credit: Christian News Network)

Smith (credit: Christian News Network)

Lorie Smith runs 303 Creative, where she creates custom websites for clients. Smith, who identifies as a Christian, believes that God has called her to “promote and celebrate His design for marriage by designing and creating custom wedding websites.” This would therefore not include designing websites pertaining to homosexual nuptials.

But Colorado law states that it is “unlawful for a person, directly or indirectly, to refuse, withhold from, or deny to an individual or a group, because of disability, race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, or ancestry, the full and equal enjoyment of the goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages, or accommodations of a place of public accommodation.”

Businesses are also prohibited from publishing or posting any information that advises their intent to refuse such accommodation. Smith had planned on outlining on her website why she could only accept site creation orders pertaining to the union of a man and a woman. Click here to continue reading.

Prospective Jurors Conflicted in Trial of Man Accused of Helping Ex-Lesbian Flee Country With Daughter

By Heather Clark
Christian News Network

Photo: Christian News Network

Photo: Christian News Network

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Several prospective jurors said that they could not separate their personal beliefs on homosexuality from the nation’s laws on the matter as jury selection was underway on Tuesday in the case of a Virginia man accused of aiding an ex-lesbian turned professing Christian who fled the country with her daughter in 2009 to escape a court order.

Senior U.S. District Judge Richard Arcara told those sitting in the jury box that throughout the trial of Philip Zodhiates they would hear terms such as “civil union” and “rights in parenting,” and that they must be “treated no differently” than heterosexual relationships. As in customary in criminal trials, jurors, he said, must look at the case through the lens of the law and not their personal views.

Lisa Miller

Lisa Miller

“I can’t listen to your law if it’s against my law,” said prospective juror Christina Anderson during the selection process, advising that she took issue with the nation’s “new laws” on homosexuality.

“You can’t put it aside?” Arcara asked.

“No,” Anderson replied. Click here to continue reading.


Trial Set for Second Man Accused of Helping Ex-Lesbian Flee Country With Daughter

Pastor Kenneth Miller, who is currently in prison for helping Lisa and Isabella Miller escape America.

LTRP Note: Lighthouse Trails has been following this story for over  seven years. We are advocates for the protection of children, even if that sometimes means breaking laws of the land if the laws of the land have become immoral and outrightly harmful to children. Today, still in hiding with her mother, Isabella is nearly 14 years old.

Lighthouse Trails also supports Kenneth Miller (no relation to Lisa), the Mennonite pastor who helped Lisa and Isabella escape from America (after a Vermont court tried to take Isabella away from her mother and put the little girl into the full custody of a lesbian-practicing woman who had previously traumatized the little girl according to several news reports.

By Heather Clark
Christian News Network

BUFFALO, N.Y. — A trial has been set for a second man accused of aiding an ex-lesbian turned professing Christian who fled the country with her daughter seven years ago to avoid a situation she found harmful to her child.

miller-and-isabellaPhilip Zodhiates of Waynesboro, Virginia is charged with international parental kidnapping and conspiracy for allegedly driving Lisa Miller and her then seven-year-old child from Virginia to New York, where she crossed over into Canada before fleeing to Nicaragua.

“This case is about religious intolerance of same-sex relationships,” prosecutorial filings state, according to the Associated Press. He “helped [Miller] break the law by taking Isabella outside the country in the name of those strong religious views.” Click here to continue reading.

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Anglican ‘Church’ of Canada Votes to Approve Same-Sex ‘Marriage’

By Heather Clark
Christian News Network

RICHMOND HILL, Ont. — The Anglican Church of Canada has voted to approve of same-sex “marriage” a day after a miscount resulted in reports that the measure had been struck down.

“A minister may only solemnize a marriage between persons of the same sex if authorized by the diocesan bishop,” the resolution, moved by minister Colin Johnson, read.

It also proposed to substitute the word “partners” for “husband and wife” in church canon, and to substitute “the parties to the marriage” for “a man and a woman.”

Discussion and debate was held about the matter during the General Synod July 7-12 in Richmond Hill. Anglicans currently officiate over civil unions, but church canon recognizes marriage as being between only a man and a woman. Click here to continue reading.



Canadian Appeals Court Rules Law School Can Be Denied Accreditation Due to Biblical Marriage Beliefs

LTRP Note: After you read this article about the dilemma in which Canada’s Trinity Western University finds itself, you can read about the history of Trinity Western University’s fight to have a law school in Canada and yet still maintain that marriage is between a man and a woman here.  Also worth noting, TWU is listed as a contemplative/emerging Christian college on the Lighthouse Trails college list. While they say they are trying to maintain biblical integrity regarding marriage, they fail to understand that by directing students toward the contemplative, emerging, progressive lifestyle, they are ultimately leading them away from biblical integrity. Not only that, but the contemplative camp has traditionally been lenient toward the homosexual lifestyle, and that leniency, as we are seeing in America, leads to an acceptance of same-sex marriage. TWU has one foot in one camp and the other foot in another, and it will never work. It is a house divided against itself.

By Heather Clark
Christian News Network

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia — A Canadian appeals court has ruled that a Christian law school can be denied accreditation due to its biblical beliefs about the institution of marriage.

As previously reported, Trinity Western University had filed suit in October 2014 after the Nova Scotia Barrister’s Society (NSBS) refused to recognize graduates as being attorneys until the Christian institution changed its policy on sexuality.

“According to the Bible, sexual intimacy is reserved for marriage between one man and one woman, and within that marriage bond it is God’s intention that it be enjoyed as a means for marital intimacy and procreation,” the university policy reads. Click here to continue reading.

Canadian Conservatives Vote to Accept same-sex Marriages

Jason Fekete,
Ottawa Citizen

VANCOUVER – Conservative delegates voted overwhelmingly Saturday at their national convention to effectively accept same-sex marriage, a move Tory MPs and leadership candidates said modernizes their party and sends an important message to Canadians.

In a vote of 1,036-462, Conservative members – following a passionate debate – voted to take a neutral position on marriage and no longer define it as “the union of one man and one woman.”

The change also removes a longstanding policy statement that said Parliament, through a free vote, and not the courts should determine the definition of marriage.

The policy change effectively means the party accepts same-sex unions and that it shouldn’t be in the business of defining marriage for Canadians. Click here to continue reading.

Official Who Penalized ‘Sweetcakes’ Accused of Violating Constitution

From WorldNetDaily

By Bob Unruh

An Oregon state official and his agency violated the U.S. Constitution in multiple ways when they assessed a $135,000 penalty against Sweetcakes by Melissa bakery owners Aaron and Melissa Klein for refusing to violate their Christian faith by creating a wedding cake for a lesbian duo, according to a new appeal filed in the long-running case.

“In America, you’re protected by the Constitution, and you’re also innocent until proven guilty,” said Kelly Shackelford, president of First Liberty Institute, which is working on the Kleins’ case.

“Commissioner Brad Avakian decided the Kleins were guilty before he even heard their case. This is an egregious violation of the Kleins’ rights to due process. We hope the Oregon Court of Appeals will remedy this by reversing or dismissing the government’s case against the Kleins.” Click here to read more.

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