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Are Humans on the Verge of an Evolutionary Leap?

By Roger Oakland
Understand the Times International

Is mankind on the verge of an evolutionary leap that will produce a super race? There are some who believe man is in the process of this happening right now. What does the Bible teach? Is man on the way up, or is he on the way down? Will this super race of humans become a reality? Or could the idea of evolution be a great delusion that Satan has used to blind the minds of countless people all over the world into believing that man can become God?

The basic assumption behind Darwinian evolution leads to the idea that mankind is at the top of the evolutionary pile. Check out the Darwinian tree of life – humans are at the top of the tree and a single cell is at the bottom. If evolution is true, then it stands to reason that the next stage of development will be for humans to evolve to become superhuman.

Evolution theory also promotes the idea that man is capable of playing a role in advancing and directing the evolutionary process in the future. This could be through genetically engineering life or by finding ways and means through technology to human development.

An article titled “Superhumans: Chips Inserted in Brains will give us Mind-blowing Abilities Within Years” [1] provides interesting insights from various individuals who say that mankind is on the verge of taking a giant step of evolution and soon will be elevated to a higher dimension of consciousness never before seen on planet Earth. Linking the human brain with electronic chips and computer technology, they say, is the key to the development of a super race. Click here to continue reading.

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To see the connection between evolutionary thinking, the New Age, and the last days, read The Evolution Conspiracy by Roger Oakland and Caryl Matrisciana.


By Roger Oakland
Understand the Times, International

When I first became a Christian some thirty-five years ago, the topic of genetically redesigning life was still considered science fiction. While predictions were being made about the possibility of designing chimera-like hybrids of monstrous proportions, the reality of that happening seemed far off in the future.

Not so today. Quoting from a recent Russian news article titled “Human-animal Hybrids, Disasters in the Making,” the following statement is made:

Scientists worldwide are creating bizarre human-animal hybrids that could wreak havoc on society. In the past ten years alone, unforgettable advances in the field of genetic modifications have left researchers and on-lookers stunned. To give a concrete example, scientists have made mice with an artificial human chromosome “in every cell of their bodies”. Such an act is being praised as a “breakthrough” which may lead to different cures for a wide scope of disease. . . University of Wisconsin researchers have had much success by transferring cells from human embryos into the brains of mice. These very cells began to grow, and in time made the mice more intelligent. [1]

While this may sound bizarre to some, the fact mankind is tinkering with life comes as no surprise to those who have read the Bible. The Bible states that God is the creator of all life. In the beginning, all life was created perfect (Genesis 1:26). The Bible also clarifies that God has an adversary—Satan—who hates God and His creation. Satan’s goal from the beginning has been to destroy or contaminate the original creation. Click here to read this entire article.

Weekly News in Review from Understand the Times

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Obama to United Nations: ‘The U.S. Is Not at War with Islam; Islam Teaches Peace’ – Calls For “Interfaith Alliance”

By Heather Clark
Christian News Network

Obama UN IVIn his address to the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday, Barack Obama asserted that the United States is not fighting the religion of Islam in its efforts to stop the insurgency of the group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), because Islam, he said, is peaceful.

“[W]e have reaffirmed that the United States is not and never will be at war with Islam. Islam teaches peace,” he said to the gathering of world leaders in his sixth address before the UN. “Muslims the world over aspire to live with dignity and a sense of justice. And when it comes to America and Islam, there is no us and them—there is only us, because millions of Muslim Americans are part of the fabric of our country.”

“So we reject any suggestion of a clash of civilizations,” Obama continued. “Belief in permanent religious war is the misguided refuge of extremists who cannot build or create anything, and therefore peddle only fanaticism and hate. And it is no exaggeration to say that humanity’s future depends on us uniting against those who would divide us along fault lines of tribe or sect, race or religion.”

In calling for other nations to take a stand against the barbaric group ISIS, also known as ISIL, Obama again repeated his assertion that the violent philosophies of the Islamic organization are not characteristic of any religion. Click here to continue reading.

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