Christians, Muslims, Jews Worship at Evangelical Megachurch

Lillian Kwon
From the Christian Post

(courtesy Understand the Times monthly e-newsletter )

Ecumenical Movement – Christians Uniting With Other Religions

It was an unusual Sunday morning worship at Northwood Church in Keller, Texas. Christians, Muslims and Jews sat together in the megachurch to hear an evangelical pastor preach about Jesus. As Northwood Senior Pastor Bob Roberts said Sunday, the three groups are making an attempt to get to know one another, understand the different teachings and worldviews, and become friends.

“I want to know you. Why? Because you’re seeking after God,” Roberts said from the Northwood pulpit Sunday as he addressed the multi-faith audience, which included Rabbi Jeremy Schneider and Imam Zia Sheikh.

“If we’re going to get along … I need to understand your core convictions, how it impacts your worldview … and I want you to understand Christianity,” he told them. “I want us to be honest about our differences so that we can build a relationship.”

Shifting from interfaith to multifaith is critical in the 21st century, Roberts said.

“The old conversation of interfaith basically said if we all agree on everything then we can get along. So what we need to do is minimize our differences … and only talk about what we do agree upon,” the Baptist pastor said Sunday. “But there’s a problem with that. That’s great if you’re liberal, if you’re a liberal Muslim or liberal Christian or liberal Jew, that’s fine.”

“Because truth is truth. Truth is not relative,” Roberts said. “Multifaith says ‘we have differences.'” The greatest conflict in the world today, he pointed out, is between fundamentalist Christians and fundamentalist Muslims. “There has to be a new platform,” Roberts stressed. [LTRP Note: see Rick Warren says Christian fundamentalism big enemy of the 21st century]

Some pastors have criticized Roberts for the multifaith event and attending different places of worship with his congregation. But the Northwood pastor said he would respond to his critics by asking, “Why do you go to restaurants where people get drunk? Why do you go to movies where people undress and do things on the screen that break the heart of God … Why do you want to get in a car built by an automobile industry driven by greed? But I don’t want to have a relationship with someone who’s trying to seek God? That makes sense, doesn’t it?” Click here to continue.

LTRP archive on “Interspirituality” artices, click here.


.

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The Anti-Israel Revelation

LTRP Note: To read more about former Plymouth Brethren, now emerging church leader, Brian McLaren, and the emerging church’s views on Israel, eschatology, and the return of Jesus Christ, please see our links below this news article. The following article is courtesy Understand the Times from their monthly e-newsletter.

Mark Tooley

(out-of-house news source)

“Emergent Church” guru Brian McLaren is a key figure on the Evangelical Left who is trying shift Evangelicals, who are America’s most pro-Israel demographic, into a more neutralist stance. Currently, he is leading a delegation through Israel and “Palestine” to broadcast the sins of Israeli oppression against Palestinians by “listening, learning, thinking, observing, reflecting.”  His blog is providing daily updates of his discoveries, all of which confirm his previously often declared bias against Israel.

“I hope you will start questioning what you think you know about the situation here,” McLaren warned on his blog recently, with the assumption that most readers are deceived by pro-Israel partiality. “I’ve been an avid reader on the subject for quite a while, but being here now, I see how many of my most basic assumptions were skewed from a lifetime of half-truths, unfair and imbalanced news, well-planned propaganda, and misinformation.”

McLaren, of course, used to be a more traditional, conservative Evangelical.  So his emergence into the Evangelical Left in recent years, including the requisite negativity towards Israel, is part of an ongoing spiritual rebirth into which he invites his fellow Evangelicals.  Of course, McLaren insists that he is not anti-Israel, and certainly not anti-Jewish.  He simply wants to liberate both Palestinians and Jews from the enslaving mindset of the “occupation” that holds both peoples captive. Click here to continue reading.

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Evangelicals and Catholics Together and the Rejection of End-Time, Bible-Believing Christians by Roger Oakland

Why the Heathen Rage in a World Gone Amiss by Bill Randles

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Castles in the Sand visits an AA meeting

by John Lanagan
My Word Like Fire

It has been a long time since I have gone to an AA meeting. This one, held at noon in the basement of an Episco-contemplative church, was well attended. The people were friendly. Some had long-term sobriety; some had very little.

I sat in a back row, with my Oregon Ducks hat and  a copy of the novel, Castles in the Sand, in my hand. I did not want to be called on to speak. In AA, you give your name, and then you say, “I’m an alcoholic,” or something similar.

I can’t say that, because I have been freed by Jesus Christ. I resolved that if I were called on I would say, “I’m John. The Lord has delivered me from heroin, alcohol addiction, the streets, and gotten me through congestive heart failure and cancer. In Isaiah, He tells us:

I am the Lord, that is My name; I will not give My glory to another, nor My praises to graven images.”

Then I would say, “But I’ll just listen today. Thank you.” 

But I didn’t get called on. At 12:48 I turned to the woman sitting two seats to my right. She had a large wedding ring, and was in her mid forties. She had been through a lot and, I believed, tried  many different things. “Hey,” I said quietly, “if you’re a reader, this book is for you.”

I handed her  Castles in the Sand. A little surprised, she took the book and thanked me. I smiled and got up and left. To read more, click here.

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Jay Baaker’s Pro-Gay Marriage Sermon Receives Silent Treatment

“Jay Bakker given the silent treatment at church”
from True Discernment Ministries

Jay Bakker, son of Jim and the late Tammy Faye has made a name for himself primarily for being prohomosexual. As you’ll see in the video clip (see link below), he must have underestimated his audience at Grace Church where he was speaking. Its a little strange because if this is DE Paulk’s (whom you see in the clip) Grace Church it makes you wonder if most of those  in attendance were aware that Paulk is also progay marriage. Paulk apparently brought Bakker into talk, but the people drew back when Bakker said that homosexual marriage is not a sin.  Click here to watch the video.

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Son of PTL Jim Bakker Says Gay Marriage OK; Resonates With Contemplative Spirituality

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Rifqa’s parents renege on agreement

Chad Groening – OneNewsNow

The head of a Christian ministry dedicated to exposing the truth about Islam says she’s not surprised that the Muslim parents of a Christian convert from Islam have decided to backtrack on an agreement that allows their daughter to stay with foster parents until her 18th birthday.

 As previously reported, Ohio authorities recently announced a court settlement that permitted 17-year-old Rifqa Bary to remain free from her Muslim parents. The agreement would allow her stay in a foster home under state custody until she turns 18 in August, at which time she will be an adult and free to live where she chooses.

Rifqa ran away from her parents’ home last summer because she feared her father would harm or kill her for converting from Islam, and now her parents reportedly have backed out of the agreement and want a trial in Franklin County Juvenile Court to determine where Rifqa should live. Click here to continue reading.

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Parent Alert: Harry Potter Theme Park Soon to Open in Florida

LTRP Note: Many Christian parents see nothing wrong with the Harry Potter series. Unfortunately, Harry Potter does not point young readers to the Gospel but rather to the darkness of the occult. The Harry Potter theme park will undoubtedly be visited by millions of children and young teens.

The Telegraph
Clearly visible is the iconic shape of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, covered in a dusting of fake snow. Scheduled to be opened in early spring, the 20-acre park, which is in the Universal Orlando Resort, is estimated to have cost upwards of £160 million.

The Potter theme park will offer guests a tour of Hogwarts Castle, a visit to Ollivander’s wand shop and the chance to drink some real-life butter beer. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter will be followed up in November by the release of the last film in the series, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. Click here to read more.

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‘Use Harry Potter to spread Christian message’?

J K Rowling: ‘Christianity inspired Harry Potter’

Who Dies in Harry Potter? God

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23 UK schools ditch Christian school assemblies for Islamic or interfaith worship

Birmingham News
(courtesy Underground News US)

A COUNCILLOR has blasted Birmingham schools for ditching traditional Christian assemblies in favour of Islamic or multi-faith worship.

Twenty-three city schools no longer provide morning prayers, which are endorsed by law. Instead they have applied for an exemption from the council.

The revelations come as figures show Asian children now outnumber white pupils in Birmingham primary schools for the first time.

Coun John Lines, Cons, said: “We’re still a Christian society in Britain and giving up these traditional assemblies is sad. We should be making more people aware of Christianity.We accept and recognise other faiths but this is Britain and we are still Christians.”

Director of The Christian Institute, Colin Hart, said: “The worst thing of all that schools can do, whether they have a determination or not, is a multi-faith mish mash.” Click here to continue reading.

Also new on Interspirituality:

Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison to have interfaith meeting in Minnesota: Native American faiths, Bahai, Hindu, Buddhist and atheist communities

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