Rick Warren’s Global PEACE Plan versus the Great Commission

by Paul Proctor – News With Views Jesus did not send out just anyone who was willing to tag along to help “cure societal problems.” If that’s all He was attempting to accomplish in Matthew 10, He was a miserable failure because, from what the Bible teaches, society’s problems continued long after the disciples returned … [Read more…]

Chrysalis Walk to Emmaus

by Hungry Hearts Ministries What is Chrysalis? Chrysalis is the youth and young adult version of its parent movement, Walk to Emmaus. Chrysalis walks (or retreats) are called “flights” for 10th through 12th graders and “journeys” for young adults ages 19 through 24. Participants in the 72 hour retreats must be sponsored by alumni of … [Read more…]

Another Christian College That Does NOT Promote Contemplative/Emerging/Purpose Driven

Lighthouse Trails has added another Christian college to its list of Christian colleges, universities, and seminaries that do NOT promote contemplative/emerging spirituality, do NOT have a spiritual formation program, and do NOT use Purpose Driven materials (a catalyst for contemplative and emerging). The school is His Hill Bible School near Comfort, Texas. For a list … [Read more…]

Lilly Endowment Continues to Back Contemplative/Emerging Movement

The Lilly Endowment will be awarding about 120 grants of approximately $45,000 each in their 2008 National Clergy Renewal Program. Senior vice president of religion at the Endowment says this award offers a time of renewal for pastors and other clergy members to “explore the roots of their religious traditions, write poetry, [and] practice contemplative … [Read more…]

More on Rick Warren, Obama, and the global PEACE Plan

“Joint Appearance of Obama and McCain at Saddleback Church’s Civic Forum Could Spell Disaster For McCain’s Campaign” by Sockless Exploits Senator John McCain has twenty eight days to come up with some kind of global “peace” plan if he wants to keep up with the personal and political agendas that will be swirling around him … [Read more…]

CNN Interview with Rick Warren on Obama/McCain at Saddleback; (Warren: They’re both amazing men.)

“Pastor snags Obama, McCain for joint appearance” From CNN (CNN) — Democratic Sen. Barack Obama and Republican Sen. John McCain in August will be on the same stage for the first time in the 2008 presidential campaign. … Rick Warren has invited them to appear at a leadership and compassion forum in his Saddleback Church … [Read more…]