Letter to the Editor from a Registered Nurse: 2 Concerns – Reiki and the Healing Codes

To Lighthouse Trails:

I enjoy your email news immensely; it is certainly a bright spot in an otherwise darkening world.

You had two articles of interest to me – well, all of interest – though these two are things I have been addressing for nearly 18 years: Reiki and the healing codes. I shudder to think what else may be coming down the pike.

I have been a RN for over 30 years and am now studying for my doctorate in nursing, planning (God willing and if He tarries) to become a family nurse practitioner to be able to minister to Christians. I became interested in herbs – NOT energies, life forces, chi or what-have-you – but plain and simple plants about 18 years ago. I started researching the chemical constituents of plants and how they may prove helpful.  Not a cure, mind you, but a possible health benefit, in some cases, instead of pharmaceuticals. I also started studying better nutrition and other health supplements such as vitamins.  I quickly found much error on the Internet, in books, in magazines, and in the church.  What I was looking for was something more geared towards science – our God is a God of order, not quackery. But time has proven some herbs not only to be safer alternatives, but more cost-effective. I’ve used mullein olive oil for earaches and chamomile for sour tummies in my little ones … but I would not want a cup of chamomile tea if I were have a heart attack or in a car accident.

Over these many years, I have spoken to various church groups, homeschool conventions, mother’s groups,  taught private classes, and written magazine articles. I have always tried to show how marvelous the Lord made us – but with one caveat – we are the product of Adam’s sin and will suffer for it. Many people who I speak to seem to denounce this and will try anything for “perfect health.” . . .

About 2 years ago, I spoke at a statewide homeschool convention – one that I’ve spoken at several times before.  . . . However, this most recent speaking engagement made me the saddest: most in my talk were pastors’ wives and/or friends of a pastor’s wife. The delusion is incredible!! They are all into some form of ‘energy healing’ in one way or another. One talked about her pastor’s wife and the pastor’s wife third eye! (I told her it was occultic and demonic)

They were not happy to hear that I have attended autopsies and never once saw any evidence of an “energy field” or “meridians.”

You have herbal [Bible verse] tea bags that you put with your orders … I am sure you understand what I mean when I say I teach about herbs.  I limit myself to that alone – no other ‘alternative’ method. What I am seeing and what I am hearing and witnessing gives me pause to shudder.

It’s not just Reiki and healing codes that we are talking about .. it is much more, and it permeates everything.

Dangerous times are coming at breakneck speed. I urge you to keep being that watchman on the wall. If for nothing else, to be an encouragement to those of us who are in the trenches, fighting constantly.

D. ___

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