Letter to the Editor: Radio Bible Class – Continuing to Go Contemplative – And Pushes “As Below, So Above”

To Lighthouse Trails:

We would like to assist in continuing to illustrate that RBC [Radio Bible Class] has yet to cease from “going contemplative” – regardless of their statements to the contrary. We offer two recent examples from their Our Daily Bread (ODB) product.

While searching your web presence on this topic, the most recent article I found was from Jan 31, 2013, which calls out Phillip Yancey’s contributions to ODB.

From the January 2014 ODB, specifically the January 9 entry, RBC sites that the article was excerpted and adapted from The Jesus I Never Knew, by Philip Yancey, 1995 Zondervan. The title of the RBC ODB article is “As Below, So Above.”1 Yancey does point out that “As Above, So Below”2 is an ancient pagan formula. We have many comments about the motivation behind introducing and “sensitizing or socializing” people to these words, – as well as associating it loosely with the Messiah; but, we suggest that you read it for yourselves (btw, Yancey is also in the February 2014 ODB).

Our second example is from the February ODB, specifically the February 26 entry. Here, the author (David McCasland) recommends Henri Nouwen’s book In the Name of Jesus: Reflections on Christian Leadership. Of course, anyone who frequents your ministry’s web presence should be acquainted with the name of Henri Nouwen.3 Again, we have many comments/questions as to the motivation of using a Roman Catholic, panentheistic, mystic who advocates that anyone (regardless of belief) who practices “the silence” can be in the presence of God.

In our opinion, the editors – or whoever approved these articles for final print – are at best spiritually ignorant, resulting in negligence; or informed enough to be practicing spiritual malfeasance (completely wrongful), resulting in leading people into the cruelness of deception.

Based on this year’s ODB so far, RBC appears to be compromised and continuing to go contemplative.

In Messiah,

M & N


1. According to a website that has done partial translations of  the Emerald Tablets of Hermes, “As Below, So Above” is basically synonymous with “As Above, So Below.”

2. Please refer to Warren B. Smith’s article The New Age Implications of The Message “Bible’s” “As Above, So Below.”

3.  Henri Nouwen’s Affinity Toward Eastern Mysticism – A Valid Reason Why Christian Teachers and Leaders Should Not Promote Him

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