A Word From Roger Flying Home From Kenya – Bryce Homes Kenya: Past, Present and Future

Kenya Report 6
By Roger Oakland (returning from his mission trip in Kenya)

Bryce Homes Kenya: Past, Present and Future

The reports we have been posting on our website about our March 2014 Bryce Homes Kenya tour until this point have been brief and centered on specific events. For the ones remaining, my plan is to provide more background information and develop the topics. As you will see, the remaining reports will be more like a small chapter for a book, that Lord willing, will be published sometime in the future.

One thing I need to say in this introduction is that missionary work in any country or place around the world must be a calling, not a job. Missionaries cannot be “driven” by some organized plan by man. They must be called, hear the call, have a compassion for the lost and needy, and then respond.

Roger (March 2914) shaking hands with Widow Mary, one of the Bryce Home widows

Further, missionary work must never compromise the gospel of Jesus Christ or ignore or water down the Word of God by incorporating a montage of religious beliefs. The Bryce Homes Program worldwide from its inception has been dedicated to reaching out to the poor, especially orphans and widows, by coming alongside and supporting national Christian leaders to administer physical support and spiritual guidance.

This is exactly how and why the Bryce Homes Kenya Program was born. When I first visited Kenya in November of 2011, I was not specifically searching for another project or for more work for our small non-profit organization. In fact, this came at a time when most of our church support had abandoned and shunned us following the position I took on the emerging church through the publication of Faith Undone.

However, what may have been meant for harm and discouragement, God redirected for His glory. While “church-growth corporate programs” encouraged by pastors with “church-growth mentality” continues to “drive” congregations to build bigger kingdoms here on earth, God has allowed me to move on and away from their plans and follow His leading. We are not interested in kingdoms built by man. We want to be conduits that God can use to serve others by meeting needs in hopeless situations while being ambassadors for Christ and the gospel of Jesus Christ. So far, the countries of Myanmar, Kenya, South Africa, and the Philippines have been the areas where we have been led to establish Bryce Homes Programs by the Holy Spirit.

The Growth of the Program in Kenya

Every missionary endeavor in which I have had the opportunity to participate has begun with a small idea. I have learned that in missions, ambition is not the key to success.  Nor is the size of the program a means to measure what is important and what is not. Our God is the One in charge, and He is the One who is building His Church. We are only His hand extended as we walk in His will. Click here to continue reading and for more photos.

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