A Few Quotes From Mark Driscoll’s Vintage Jesus – Something to Think About

Mark Driscoll’s 2008 book, Vintage Jesus, has some noteworthy statements that should be weighed against Scripture. Below are a few of them:

Calls Christians Little Christs
Driscoll – Page 120: To be a Christian is to be a “little Christ.” In fact, the name Christian was originally a term of mockery given to us by our enemies. But Jesus said that to be a Christian is to pick up our cross and die. Die to sin, die to pride, die to comfort, die to anything and everything that fails to glorify God alone as the object of our affection and the source of our joy. With great insight, Walter Wink has said that killing Jesus was like trying to destroy a dandelion seed-head by blowing on it. At the cross, what was intended as eradication was used by God for multiplication, and we pray that you would always be loyal to Jesus, our hero, and his revolution.

Our note: In Walter Wink’s 1998 book The Powers That Be, Wink denies a “violent” atonement, even saying that the Third Reich could and should have been fought without any violence.

Mocks Homeschooling and Armageddon:
Driscoll – Page 157:
Unlike today where Christians have largely fled the cities in favor of homeschooling about the rapture amidst large stacks of canned goods readied for a hunkering down at the unleashing of Armageddon, Christianity has historically been an urban religion. A reading of the history book of early Christianity, Acts, reveals that Christianity began as an urban movement led by Paul, whose itinerant church planting ministry was almost exclusively urban as he moved from city to city and bypassed the rural areas.

The Rapture is Dumb
Driscoll – Page 44: One of the most astonishing things about Jesus is that as God he actually chose to come into our fallen, sick, twisted, unjust, evil, cruel, painful world and be with us to suffer like us and for us. Meanwhile, we spend most of our time trying to figure out how to avoid the pain and evil of this world while reading dumb books about the rapture just hoping to get out.

Driscoll – Quotes Contemplative Yancey Several Times in Vintage Jesus

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