Holocaust Survivors Anita Dittman and Diet Eman Turning 88 and 95 This Month – Still Sharing Their Stories

Lighthouse Trails authors Anita Dittman and Diet Eman both survived the Holocaust, and both women are still alive. In fact, Anita is about to turn 88, and Diet just turned 95! We are thankful to the Lord that He has allowed these Christian women (Anita is also Jewish) to live so long and testify of what they witnessed during Hitler’s reign of terror.

Anita Dittman

Anita Today

Anita Dittman was twelve years old in 1939, living in Germany with her sister and Jewish mother. Her Aryan father had by then abandoned them to avoid the cost of being married to a Jew. Anita’s mother was able to get the oldest daughter out of the country on a visa, but before her and Anita’s visas arrived, the borders were closed, and they were trapped in Hitler’s hell. Before the war ended, both Anita and her mother were sent to Hitler’s camps where they miraculously survived. Today, Anita lives in Minnesota and still speaks to groups about her experience. She recently received the Heroine of the Faith Crown of Life Award and is featured in a new film put out by WorldNetDaily. She and radio host Jan Markell write about Anita’s experience in Trapped in Hitler’s Hell. You can read more about her on her website at: http://www.hitlershell.com.


Diet Eman today

Diet Eman was 20 years old when Hitler invaded Holland. As she and other Christians witnessed the persecution of Jewish families by the Nazis, Diet became involved in the Christian resistance movement hiding Jews to save their lives. Because of these efforts and the efforts of other Christian families, like the ten Booms (also in Holland), many Jewish people were rescued. Eventually, Diet was arrested, and by the end of the war, most of those working with her had died. Since the war, Diet has shared her story with countless groups and audiences. She is the recipient of the Righteous Among the Nations Award and is featured in two documentaries Hidden Heroes and The Reckoning. Diet writes about her experience in her autobiography Things We Couldn’t Say. You can read more about her on her website at: http://www.thingswecouldntsay.com.

It is our prayer at Lighthouse Trails that both these women will be able to continue telling others of their Holocaust experiences for some time to come. Today, there are some who try to say the Holocaust never happened or at least not to the extreme that is claimed. Multitudes of photos and documents and the witness of survivors like Diet and Anita are sure proof that the Holocaust did indeed occur. Satan hates the Jews and hates Israel. But the Bible proclaims that God has an everlasting covenant with them. With only 14 million Jews on the earth today, let us pray for the Jewish people and for Israel—both for their protection and also that many may come to know and receive Jesus Christ as their Messiah.

The following short slideshow is some of the photos from Things We Couldn’t Say and Trapped in Hitler’s Hell (these photos are copyrighted material; used with permission from the author’s personal collections and the US Holocaust Memorial Museum)

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