Letter to the Editor: Is There a Cheaper Way to Get Lighthouse Trails Materials Shipped Overseas?

Pile Of Old Airmail LettersDear Lighthouse Trails:

I love Lighthouse Trails and have bought quite a few books from you in the past. However postage to Australia is a big problem for me. I just made out an order for 3 books and 20 Tracts and it came to $78= (That hurt, but it was good value!) Then I want on to calculate the postage …. $60! I am a pensioner and simply can’t afford this, so I had no choice but to cancel my order.

Is it possible for you to send things by Sea Mail? I don’t care how long they take. They are worth waiting for. I don’t hear of anything traveling that way any more but it used to be so much cheaper.  Others might also be grateful for such an option if it were available, so I decided to ask.

Thanks again for the invaluable info you give me. Blessings and love always, I remain always in your debt.  Annette

Our Response:

Dear Annette:

There isn’t really another option for us in shipping international at this time. We know it is a terrible price, and sadly, the US Post Office just keeps increasing the amount for Canadian and international mailing. We’ve checked into other ways, but for smaller packages, those options are even more. We are so sorry. We do have many of our books and booklets in e-book and pdf format for sale on our store site. They are less expensive than printed books and booklets, and then there is no shipping. We also have the content of all our booklets (and many book excerpts) on our blog, and they can be printed up for personal use for free. Plus about three times a year, we have store-wide sales at high discounts on everything. For those who are signed up on our e-newsletter list or our Facebook account, we send out notices about these sales. This is a particularly good opportunity for Canadian and International customers to purchase books, DVDs, and booklets from us as the discount offsets the shipping costs. You might also consider ordering our subscription-based journal. It is mailed out six times a year, and while it is $36 a year for International ($12 for US | $24 for Canada), each journal is 32 pages and is packed with book excerpts and vital articles and information.

Thank you for your continued interest in Lighthouse Trails. We do make a strong effort to keep our prices low and available to all.

Editors at Lighthouse Trails

Note to U.S.A. readers: Lighthouse Trails has a $5 flat rate shipping for all US orders.

Note to Canadian readers: Understand the Times carries most of our published books on their website, and they can ship them from their Canadian office to Canadian customers, which would reduce shipping costs. However, for quantities over 9 of any title, it is best to get them through Lighthouse Trails as we offer a 50% discount for 10 or more of the same title for Canadian and international orders.

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