Letter to the Editor: Shared Concerns About Jesus Calling and A.D. Series With Pastor But to No Avail

Dear Lighthouse Trails:

I have personal experience with the book: Jesus Calling. A few years ago, having received the book as a gift by a church member, I began to read it. I had no prior knowledge of the book but quickly realized I did not like it. I thought there was another spirit within the pages. I threw it in the garbage can, not even willing to donate it to the thrift shop. We have since moved and have connected to another church. The worship, teaching, and fellowship is God directed, and we were very happy to have found this group of people.


Mark Burnett and Roma Downey

I have come to know that our pastor’s wife and other members use Jesus Calling as their devotional. I purchased your tract The New Age Implications Of Jesus Calling, read and studied it, and met with our pastor to discuss the A.D. series [by Roma Downey and Mark Burnett], which is being shown on Wed. nights. I wound up giving him the A.D. series tract and the Jesus Calling tract. While discussing the A.D. series concerns, he was not convinced there was a problem with it. He stated that he points out to the viewers the scenes not in the Bible and believes they could have taken place as they are quite believable. I say a little leaven spoils the whole lump. He was skeptical to what I shared regarding Jesus Calling and said he would read the tracts when he has the time and that people give him many books, etc. to read and some go unread.

I have received no reply for more than a month now. My future involvement and impending membership hinge on these issues. Is he just too blind to see or unwilling to place importance on these issues? I am more dismayed as time passes.

In view of the deception in many churches, what is a Christian to do? The need to connect spiritually with other believers is vital. I grieve to think of having to leave the fellowship of our church, but the time has come when true worshippers must worship the Father in spirit and in truth.

I believe God sends messengers into churches to expose deception similar to the messengers of Revelation chapter 2. If the warning goes unheeded then eventually judgement will take place.


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