A Lighthouse Trails Update on Nearby Forest Fire

To our dear Lighthouse Trails readers:

On behalf of all of us at Lighthouse Trails, we want to thank you with all of our hearts for your prayers and concern about the forest fire that is burning a few miles from the Lighthouse Trails headquarters near Eureka, Montana. We have waited a few days to send out this update as we were waiting for a town meeting that took place last night where we were given the latest status on the fire by the forestry team managing this fire.

While the fire has grown to 6,700 acres, the team gave us a positive report in that the fire line that firefighters have built nearly half way around the fire is holding at this time. This line is most crucial as it lies between the fire and all of the properties that could be affected. The area that does not have any fire line is facing toward the interior of the mountains and away from homes and properties. And of course, the hope and prayer is that rain will come soon and put out this and all the fires in the northwest part of this country and Canada.

Regarding our fire, while there is still the risk of spread toward properties north and south (we are north) should the fire go around the fire line, there has been a little rain and lower temperatures the last couple of days in northwest Montana, which is helping to slow down fire growth. But at Lighthouse Trails, we are feeling that we are in a much safer position than we were last week when the fire line had not yet been secured and temperatures were very high and there was a lot of fire growth. And thus far, there have been no properties lost in this particular fire, nor has there been any loss of life to firefighters. And we are happy to say that, for us anyway, we have lost no scenery beauty as the fire damage is further south. We are sorry that one of the people who works in our office has lost scenery beauty near her family’s property.

Some of our readers who e-mailed us have expressed concern that Lighthouse Trails could become inoperable should a fire reach us and destroy our property and effects. Just to give some reassurance, Lighthouse Trails has taken precaution in the event of such a disaster through backup drives of all of our books, DVDs, and booklets, through insurance to cover this kind of loss, and by maintaining a secured web server off location, which daily backs up all of our articles and research material online. In other words, if something were to happen to this facility, as hard as that would be for us to lose our home and this newly built LT building, Lighthouse Trails would be up and operating again within a couple weeks (God willing) at another location. We are committed to the work that God has put before us as we know so many of you are committed to the work God has given you.

In closing, we know that this year’s fire season has been and continues to be devastating to many lives and communities throughout the northwest part of this country and Canada. We believe over a dozen firefighters have lost their lives, many Native American reservations have been on fire, and many properties and homes have been destroyed, not to mention all the thousands of acres of forest that have been destroyed. The fire season isn’t over yet, and we continue to pray for rain and protection for ourselves and the many others affected. We also pray that through this tragedy, many will turn their hearts toward the Lord Jesus Christ in true surrender to Him. As we were writing this letter, we received a phone call from a Native American LT reader who told us that some of her friends and family who are on reservations that are burning are crying out to the Lord.

Thank you again for praying for us. We are humbled and blessed to know that so many of you care about us.

David and Deborah Dombrowski and the staff

Lighthouse Trails Research & Publishing

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