Letter to the Editor: Churches in Deception Covering Their Tracks and Targeting Women

 To Lighthouse Trails:

Years ago when researching church-related  websites, I used to be able to detect quickly whether they were  linked to the apostasy network or not due to some association.

That eliminated a lot of churches from my list  of places to check out. Well, just recently I noticed across the board that for the most part they all seemed to have cleaned up  their act and covered their tracks pretty well.  But, the  apostasy is still in full swing and growing; all you need to  do is look at what lurks beneath the surface.  There was a  post recently on Lighthouse Trails about how you had to be at a  conference (with Chan) and then you heard what they said  with Catholic mystics, but it wasn’t on the website.  That is  what I have been noticing too.  Anyway, many churches that  advertise to be so “biblical” and such are just as  bad.  I live in San Diego, and there are a lot of churches  to check into.

Photo from bigstockphoto.com; used with permission

Photo from bigstockphoto.com; used with permission

It used to be on a church website somehow—some slide, or announcement, etc.—but then later it  was hidden in the links, or the church bulletin, or the  women’s ministry where a Beth Moore book was listed. Now in the bulletin, when it is a Beth Moore book, they only  label the study with a title or theme name.  But when I  Google that name, I get a book title by Beth Moore.  They are  hiding it deliberately.  Another place I see things is on a church’s Facebook page.  The latest example was a church  claiming to be “oh so biblical” like that, and sure  enough, they advertised the women’s retreat; I  looked up the link from the bulletin (the name of it), and  there wasn’t too much there.  I went to the Facebook  page and ta-da!  All this New Agey, contemplativey, all  about “you, yourself, and you” stuff, and several  “any- gal-USA”  ladies in cutsie getups.  Well, I  scrolled down past some other  obviously  erroneous quotes…. till I get to… a quote by…. Pope  Francis! It was like Woah!!!!!!   There it  was, like nothing, just another cream puff sitting there in  a line up of  cotton-candy quotes.  The next  rung in the bridge to that one-world religion has been  laid.  It’s one of those “do goody”  quotes that make the gullible swoon.

In case  you are interested… the site is:  www.belongtour.com [LTRP note:  One of the speakers for the Belong Tour is Jen Hatmaker, one of the IF movement speakers. You can read about that movement and Hatmaker here in an article by Cedric Fisher. IF is a very emergent group that is targeting young Christian women.]

I try to warn as  many as I can just in case some will listen.

God bless, L. _______

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