Lighthouse Trails Has Gone to Press with The Evolution Conspiracy

rp_ev-bk-lg.jpgTwenty five years ago Caryl Matrisciana and Roger Oakland came out with their co-authored book The Evolution Conspiracy. The book was published by Harvest House. While the creation/evolution debate was important back then, it is substantially more vital today. The western world’s push to have evolution taught in every public school and secular college has been successful, and unbeknownst to most, the effects of this invasion of evolutionary thinking have completely changed the morality and the spirituality of our present-day society. Thus, Lighthouse Trails is very pleased to announce that we have just gone to press with an updated expanded edition of this important book. This new edition also includes an updated foreword by Dr. John Morris, President Emeritus of the Institute for Creation Research (ICR).

The book will be back from press in 3-4 weeks. You may pre-order your copy today and will receive it the first week of May.  Below is the Table of Contents, listing chapters and sub-headings, in which you will see how relevant this book is for today. We believe every Christian family should read this book. Don’t send your children or grandchildren into the world without them having a solid understanding of creationism vs. evolution and how the “evolution conspiracy” has affected the world and even the church.

Table of Contents
Foreword 11
PART 1—The Hidden Agenda
Chapter 1/Satan’s Most Lethal Weapon  15

Poison at the Roots  18
Calling Evolution’s Hand  20
The Conspiracy Unveiled  21
The Call to Arms  23

Chapter 2/Seducing the Masses  25

Museums for the Masses  26
Silent Brainwashing  28
Media Madness  31
Signs of the Times  32
Indoctrinating the Sightseers  33

Chapter 3/Decades of Dinosaurs  35

One of the illustrations in the book: Jay Matternes, public domain

One of the illustrations in the new edition: Jay Matternes, public domain

Books 37
Summer Fun  38
Enticing Attractions  39
Dinosaur Movies 40
Death of the Dinosaur 41

Chapter 4/Changing the Value of Human Life  45

Denying God’s Handiwork  46
Christians and the Moral Landslide  48
Absolutely No Absolutes  50
Beyond Human Dignity  51
Death Rites  53
Evolution’s Sacred Cows  56

Chapter 5/Agenda for Delusion  59

The French Connection  60
England’s Quiet Struggle  61
New Ideas About Earth’s Age  63
Evolutionary Sabotage  64
Center Stage  65
Earthshaking Books  68
Making Agnosticism Respectable  69
Theological Complications  69
Darwin’s Bulldog  72
The Church Compromise  73
Spreading Evolution Abroad  74
Evolution and Catholicism  76
Teilhard de Chardin’s “Spiritual Evolution” 76
Evolution’s Legacy  78

PART II—The Case for A Creator
Chapter 6/The Search for Proof  81

Testing the Models  84
Models, Not Theories  86
From Nonlife to Life  87
Hostile Opposition  88
“Inspired Guesses”  88
Spontaneous Generation  89
Complexities of Life  91
Not a Chance!  94
Design Without a Designer  96

Chapter 7/Missing Links  99

The Progression of Life  101
Clues to the Past  102
Missing Links Still Missing  103
What’s a Missing Link?  106
A Whale of a Tale  108
Archaeopteryx: Spreading Its Evolutionary Wings  110
Crossopterygian: Finding the Fountain of Youth  112
Simple Horse Sense  113
Monkey Business  113
Nebraska Man  115
“Lucy”—The Woman Who Shook Man’s Family Tree  115
Back to the Creation Model  118

Chapter 8/God’s Grand Design  121

A Matter of Life and Death  124
Holding Firm to the Faith  126
God’s Vengeful Adversary  128
Parenting in a Deceptive Age  130

PART III—Molding the Modern Mind
Chapter 9/Children at Risk  133

Creeping into the Schools  134
The Scopes Trial  134
Humanism Joins the Evolution Conspiracy  135
Humanism’s Ongoing Battle Against God 137
Evolutionary Advances in the Classroom  138
The Creationism Movement  140
The Threat to Humanism  143
Fanning the Flames  144
Pesky Creationists  145

Chapter10/Onward Evolutionary Soldiers  147

Defending the Evolutionary Faith  150
Mass Mailings  152
Revealing Polls  155
Legal Challenges to Creationism  158
Harassment Toward Creationism  161
One at a Time 163

PART IV—The Global Search for Spirituality
Chapter 11/A Quantum Leap into the New Age  169

Mysticism Goes Mainstream  171
Finding the Higher Self  173
Food for Thought  174
Digging up the Past  175
The Deceptive Promise of Godhood   176
Every Man a God  179
Evolution and Mother Earth  182
Satan’s Final Strategy  185
The Kingdom, Here and Now  188
The Infinite Wisdom of God  190

Chapter 12/Eternity in the Wings  191

Unconquerable God  193
A Love Story  196
Our Beloved Bridegroom  199

Appendix A—The Grand Canyon’s Mysteries  203

In Search of a New World  205
The Meaning of Grand Canyon’s Names  205
Gods and Goddesses in the Grand Canyon   208
Freemasonry at the Grand Canyon    211

Appendix B—An Explosion That Shook the World   215

Appendix C—Darwin Was Right . . .   217
Endnotes    219
Index     232
Photo Credits    241
More Resources on Creationism   242
About the Authors    243
Other Resources    244

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