Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and the Alpha Course

By Roger Oakland
Understand the Times, International

On April 14, 2016, Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa’s senior pastor Brian Brodersen made the following astonishing remarks on his Facebook page,[1] “What a fantastic introduction to the new Alpha film series! Good one @nickygumbel” That link Brodersen provided leads to Alpha Course leader Vicar Nicky Gumbel of the UK. As researcher and berean Mark Jeffries stated recently on Facebook, Brian has partnered with HTB [Holy Trinity Brompton] in the last few years in organizing his “Creation Fest”[2] [UK] – But this, this is an outright endorsement!!”[3]

There will be many who will not understand the significance of this post. We will help you connect the dots.

As we are living in a period of church history when many are straying away from sound biblical truth, we need to contend for the faith that was “once delivered to the saints.”

The saints Jude was referring to are those who have embraced the gospel according to the Scriptures. As Paul told the church at Corinth, there is another gospel, another spirit, and another Jesus. The saints had been led astray by the serpent, and they did not know they had been deceived. Paul was trying to get them back on track. Some paid attention; most did not.

Ever since I wrote the book New Wine or Old Deception in 1996, I have had a serious concern about the direction evangelical Christianity has been heading. The book was written and then published by Chuck Smith’s publishing ministry, the Word for Today. It was written as a warning to the church with regard to the “experience-based” Christianity that was happening at that time known as the “Toronto Blessing.”

Without describing the entire Toronto Blessing phenomenon in this commentary, I will say this: The Toronto Blessing was triggered off when Vineyard pastor Randy Clarke came to the Toronto Airport Vineyard in January of 1994. He held several nights of meetings and then lit “the fire.” Randy Clarke had received his “anointing” from the “Holy Spirit Bartender” from South Africa, Rodney Howard Brown.[4] For endnotes and to read this entire commentary, click here.

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