Seventh Day Adventists Turns to Spiritual Formation

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The following article illustrates the move by the Seventh Day Adventist church toward spiritual formation (i.e., contemplative spirituality). Once again, we remember that nearly every denomination (and religion) is succumbing to contemplative/mystical spirituality.It is sobering to realize that while people throughout the globe meet this weekend for church and religous services, a fast-growing number of them are being instructed to turn to spiritual formation.

Adventist News Network
Church, Congregations Increase Focus on “Spiritual Formation”

“Spiritual formation is a topic being raised by many pastors and church leaders in a growing number of Christian denominations. It’s no longer enough to just know doctrine and facts–in today’s hectic society people are searching for something deeper and more meaningful, something that makes sense in their whirlwind lives….

“Today this subject [spiritual formation] is receiving serious emphasis in Adventist institutions, as well as in local congregations. Though the church doesn’t have an accredited educational program dealing with spiritual formation at any of its theological schools, it’s seeing this subject become more common in today’s modern, seeking world (click here to read this entire article).

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