Lighthouse Trails Readers Being Told: “Don’t Listen to Lighthouse Trails!”

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By Lighthouse Trails Editors

Recently, two different Lighthouse Trails readers informed us of a similar situation. In the first situation, our reader was told by a well-known Christian radio host in the midwest to stay clear of Lighthouse Trails. When our reader asked this person why, the radio host said “because Lighthouse Trails goes after everybody.” In the second situation, a Lighthouse Trails reader was told by his pastor that Lighthouse Trails shouldn’t be listened to “because they get their facts wrong.”

In both cases, the accuser of Lighthouse Trails gave no examples of where Lighthouse Trails got it wrong. Basically, they provided no evidence, just slander.

We have heard these kinds of things almost from the beginning of Lighthouse Trails: e.g., Lighthouse Trails takes things out of context; Lighthouse Trails practices guilt by association; Lighthouse Trails editors are liars, deceivers, and so forth.

What we have never heard from any accuser is examples of where we took things out of context, got our facts wrong, lied, deceived, and so forth.

We have always asked, when given the opportunity, for even one or two examples of where we did these things. To date, no one has ever come forth and given us such examples. We have heard stories of pastors telling their entire congregations not to listen to Lighthouse Trails; we have endured false accusations by Rick Warren and other leaders, but they have never given specifics. . . just vague untrue accusations.

Fourteen years of this kind of treatment toward Lighthouse Trails has not been easy to endure, especially in view of the fact that our main goal is to contend for the biblical faith and defend the message of the Gospel against dangerous unbiblical teachings and practices. It isn’t as if we are trying to introduce strange and new heretical ideas into the church. And while we are not trying to say we are infallible (goodness knows we are not) or that we have done everything perfectly and never made a mistake, we must strongly affirm that we do not lie, deceive, take things out of context, nor do we go “after everybody”; nor do we publish inaccurate statements. When we quote someone, we check the original source to make sure we have not taken things out of context. And as you know if you are a regular LT reader, we provide thousands of links and references in our material.

As to the accusation that we go after “everybody,” we have never gone after the personal effect of any individual but rather we have challenged leaders in the church who are allowing these dangerous unbiblical teachings and practices to enter the church. We are not vitriolic or mean spirited toward these leaders, but we do believe it is a biblical mandate for all believers to be Bereans and search out the truth in matters concerning the church and the Gospel message. If someone like Anne Graham Lotz promotes circle making, then, yes, we challenge her. Do we say she is suddenly not a Christian? No, we leave that judgement up to God. But how could it be right to just ignore what these leaders are doing?

Next time someone tells you that you should not listen to Lighthouse Trails, we hope you will ask that person for some specific examples (and the documentation to those examples) of why he or she would say that. Otherwise, perhaps it would be good to tell that person that he or she is merely spreading false slander about Lighthouse Trails and not backing up their accusations.

Someday, we or some of you may be brought before courts with accusations that are not true, especially if America (and the rest of the western world) continues its descent away from morality and godly justice. We will not fear what man can do to us, but rather we will pray that the message of the Gospel can go out to a world that desperately needs to turn to Jesus Christ.

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