Letter to the Editor: Her Father Left Her a Legacy of Discernment

Dear Lighthouse Trails:

Along with my regular donation to this ministry, and after reading your post of the wave of attacks coming your way, I felt I needed to include a note of encouragement to you.

Let me say for sure, you must be doing something right if you are rattling so many cages that they must attack you and not address what is being printed and brought to light.  Shedding light on darkness always stirs up so much dust and how wonderful to know the light shall always remove the darkness.

I have been so blessed to come from a Christian heritage where standing up for the truth meant you ended up being almost on an island.  My own dear father was a layman who reported the truth over 50 years ago and was attacked for it so many times and yet, what he shared then is all coming to light now.  He at one time was setting up crusades for Billy Graham and had to resign as he saw what was happening with their alignment with the Catholic church. Dad had spent his early years in the service and due to his abilities went under cover for the Army and found while doing so, the information on the Illuminati and all the connections of its plans. He did such research in order to share with those who were unaware to prepare them for what was coming.  He also was the only white man invited to speak at so many black churches in Philadelphia at the conferences because of his knowledge and love for them as brothers in Christ and yet, he was not a pastor but a layman.

He taught us over and over again to “check it out” before you move forward.  Most of all, that just because it is popular does not make it correct, and if the crowds are following it, there must be something wrong. With his endorsement of very few and truthful resources, we were able to keep current with the rising tide of compromising ministries and their new thinking.  So needless to say when I found Lighthouse Trails, I did the same thing.

I was so thankful to verify the pureness of the facts and the consistent standard in which they were presented.  The high quality of those you promote and publish always speaks of the “ring of truth” and is so refreshing in this desert of those promoting opinion, imaginations and feelings.

I have shared over and over the material I have ordered from you and have told many of your website.  I am so thankful I can recommend a resource that is solid on the foundation of the Word of God and remains solid.  And most importantly, those who are proclaiming the truth are living the truth!

I continue to pray daily for this ministry and the writers/speakers you represent.  I am so very sad that the body of Christ is in such a state of confusion that we fighting each other instead of Satan and all his lies, and people are on their way to hell as a result.  I trust you to the Lord’s keeping and only He can minister to your hearts and reveal to you His grace and strength in the midst of this battle.  Thank you so much for holding the line and remaining faithful, and I will continue to join you in praying earnestly as we rejoice that the battle is His and not ours.

Yours in His soon coming Name.

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