Christian Parents Beware: Sesame Street Will Teach Your Children Yoga

LTRP Note: For parents or grandparents who have thought it is harmless to let their little children or grandchildren watch an hour of Sesame Street once a day, we offer this warning. While many Christian parents have most likely seen the liberal slants of the popular T.V. show, and perhaps kept their children away from the show, turning to Mr. Rogers instead, many Christian parents have allowed Sesame Street into their homes, feeling that the underlying New Age, liberal message was subtle enough to bypass the hearts and minds of little eyes and ears. But the following articles show that Yoga (the heartbeat of Hinduism) is alive and “well” on Sesame Street, and parents should beware. While warning a 4 year not to participate in any Yoga exercises they might see on Sesame Street can make parents feel they have done their job in protecting their kids, it isn’t likely that a 4 or 5 year old will understand the dangers when Big Bird tells them how fun it is or when they see their favorite personality on Sesame Street telling a room full of kids to do the Yoga exercises. Check out the following articles and see the video clip below.

New York Times:  “Same Street, Different World: ‘Sesame’ Turns 40”:

The pedagogy hasn’t changed, but the look and tone of “Sesame Street” have evolved … Now there are green spaces, tofu and yoga…. 

This season has an Om sensibility. “My mom takes me to yoga class, I love doing yoga,” a little girl in pigtails says in an episode that ran in October. She is narrating a short film that shows a pixieish teacher and her pupils folding into the downward dog position. After class her mother arrives with a plastic water bottle. “She says it’s important to drink water when you exercise,” the girl explains. “When I grow up I want to be a yoga teacher.” 1

The Independent (London, UK): “Why Sesame Street still counts”

In recent years Sesame Street has faced challenges. It can sometimes seem at odds with the era of political correctness. The Cookie Monster has been accused of promoting obesity and sponsorship by McDonald’s was drew wide criticism. The show still attracts big name guest-stars but is up against competition from newer forms of entertainment. Even the programme’s core values have changed. In 1970 it taught racial tolerance, now young viewers hear about the environment or healthy food. In an episode of the new series a child talks about her mother’s yoga class. “I love yoga,” she announces. “When I grow up, I want to be a yoga teacher.”2

Check this out:

(from Sesame Street, Season 9, Episode 52)

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