Erwin McManus Joins Rick Warren for Saddleback Worship Conference

This June, emerging church leader Erwin McManus will be one of the featured speakers at the Saddleback Church Worship Conference and Festival. As we have reported in the past, McManus’ spirituality is rooted in mysticism and New thought spirituality. McManus, who says it is his goal to destroy Christianity 1, shares much of the same spiritual proclivities as Dan Kimball and other emerging church leaders who says they like Jesus but not the church or Christianity. Based on the beliefs that are being promoted by McManus and Kimball, this “Jesus” is another Jesus whom the apostle Paul warns will be preached by false teachers in the last days.

It is no surprise that McManus would team up with Rick Warren, for Warren has been promoting contemplative spirituality for many years. In his book Purpose Driven Church, he says that the spiritual formation movement is a needed wake up call to the body of Christ. He references Richard Foster and Dallas Willard as being key players in the movement. (For more information on Rick Warren’s promotion of contemplative, read A Time of Departing, 2nd edition.)

Last week, we reported McManus’ affinity to New Age proponent Jon Gordon. In this article, we explained McManus’ discussion of the film The Secret, which is being heavily pushed by Oprah Winfrey and has a foundation in the occult. McManus explained to Gordon in a conversation (see link to report below) that the secret behind The Secret is not getting a lot of material goods but rather realizing we are all one with humanity and with God!

With recent events such as David Jeremiah’s promotion of Erwin McManus 2, Beth Moore’s acceptance of contemplative spirituality (and involvement with the Be Still DVD)3, and now Rick Warren’s including of McManus, coupled with McManus’ comments about The Secret to Jon Gordon, and the countless other detrimental compromises by Christian leaders, we may be witnessing a convergence of mainstream Christianity with a New Age spirituality that will leave what we know as Christianity unrecognizable. While emerging church and contemplative leaders (like Warren) would applaud such a union, saying that Christianity needs to be re-invented, the end results will be a religion that leaves out the Cross and the gospel message of Jesus Christ and will rather cling to a sensual, carnal and dark religion. We beseech Christian pastors and leaders to quickly repent and turn back to the faith before it is too late.

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