Rick Warren’s Three Legged Stool Further Unfolds- Fasten Your Seatbelts!

LTRP Note: Earlier this week, we were sent a link to a recent video of Rick Warren talking to his congregation about the Daniel Plan. In that video, Rick Warren told the audience:

I’m very excited. We’re talking with a number of national grocery chains who are getting behind this [Daniel] plan, and I can’t announce it to you right now but let me just tell you some very exciting things. You’ll probably be reading about it in the newspapers . . . some exciting things have happened because of the Daniel plan [Saddleback has removed this video link – updated: 12/29/11].

In view of both Rick Warren’s Daniel Plan that is using New Age teachers and this information about the national grocery chains involvement, please read the following article posted by Herescope.

Three Legged Health Care

by Herescope

When Rick Warren launched his Daniel Plan prescription for health several weeks ago as a massive campaign to alter the health of evangelicals in American, many discerning saints expressed shock and dismay at his open association with New Age doctors. While this fact is upsetting, there are equally disturbing issues about Warren’s Daniel Plan that cannot be ignored.

With Rick Warren at the helm, the CHURCH is now in the BUSINESS of health care REFORM. This is the 3-legged stool. It is the integration of church/state/corporate that business guru Peter Drucker (Rick Warren’s mentor) proposed as the method for restructuring Society.[2] In this model the Church assumes a powerful new role as Change Agent Provocateur, a cheerleader for change and transformation in Society (as illustrated in the diagram at the top of this post*).

The Blueprint for Health Care Reform

The pivotal book that officially launched the New Age movement was Marilyn Ferguson’s The Aquarian Conspiracy, published in 1980. This book was “an important New Age manifesto [that] attempt[ed] to announce and popularize what the New Agers chose to publicly display in their Movement.”[3] The book set forth futuristic thinking that has become so commonplace in our culture that an entire generation has grown up believing its basic assumptions. One of the key topics in this book was Ferguson’s assertion that the radical overhaul of society could be based upon health care “reform” — a “transformation” explained in the chapter “Healing Ourselves.” Click here to continue reading.

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