WorldNetDaily: “Do we love our children?”

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by Linda Harvey (Mission America)
They are falling like dominoes. State after state is declaring homosexual unions “marriage”: Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa and now, Vermont, with California trembling on the brink. Marriage revolution measures also lurk in the legislatures of Maine, New Jersey and New Hampshire.

As much as some don’t want to recognize what’s happening, homosexual advocates are running all over us. They have a better strategy, more will and more workers who are dedicated, unapologetic and bold. On our side we have truth, and yet there are only a few people who understand we are in a war for its preservation. These few are backed (if one can call it that) by an army of the timid, the compromised, the doubtful, the confused and the treasonous.

Pastors avoid this issue like the plague–or go the other way and support homosexual “marriage.” Or like Pastor Rick Warren, there’s always the option of opposing it, then denying you ever opposed it.

The manly GOP runs with its tail between its legs at any skirmish involving the “H” word. Michael Steele believes people are probably born “gay,” so there goes the foundation of a cohesive platform against legitimizing it as marriage. If articulated consistently, opposing homosexuality could be a winning issue for any party, because it happens to be the right thing to do, and most people know that at a gut level.

This is not an “adults only” issue, and it’s not about marriage. It’s about legitimizing the behavior of homosexuality everywhere: in dating, in sexual identities, in the workplace. It’s about embracing its stories and mythologies, and ignoring the pathologies, to form the dreams and identities of even 10-year-olds. It becomes permissible to transform Christianity based on such legitimacy. Why can’t we talk about what’s really happening? Click here to read this entire article.

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