Letter to the Editor: Heartbroken in Southern California

Dear Lighthouse Trails:

Thank you for the ministry you and your husband do. It helps me feel like I am not alone…nor crazy. It also gives me invaluable information so that I can be aware as I raise my son.

I am in So. Cal. I’m married with a thirteen year old boy.

In the less than one year, we have run into very sad situations within the church.

Here has been what has happened in LESS THAN ONE YEAR:

My child was shown a video clip of two teen homosexual boys from a tv show (Glee)– in an evangelical Sunday School on a Sunday morning. 

In his Christian school, he came home telling me that his teacher said Jesus never claimed to be God. (She promptly recanted and redid the lesson after I took her through the scriptures.)

At another juncture, his Christian teacher said that we can’t be sure the Millenium will be a literal one-thousand years. (I deconstructed that one.)

Summer rolled around and my son was invited to a camp (not at the church mentioned above). When I asked what they would be teaching and read the book, it was about how to hear God’s voice other than through the Bible.

Fall rolled a round. We put him in another Christian school to begin Middle School and stay thru High School. One week after the school year started the new “Spiritual Director” announced that the students would begin doing “a little spiritual formation.”

We took him out eight weeks later…after a guest speaker described a New Age spiritual experience with bright lights and audible voices.

The written doctrinal statements of all the above are intact and sound….but they say one thing and do another…my head is spinning.

I am tired…and very heartbroken…I never thought it was going to be like this. I thought the “them” would not be inside the Church. The Lord has given me a crash course on Jude, 2 Peter, and 1 Tim.

I hope you have a minute to write back. But, if not, I will understand that you can’t write to every one.

God bless you,


Response to C.B.’s letter from one of our readers:

Just wanted to thank you for posting the email below. This email was an encouragement to my wife and I as we too have a 13 year old son and have been very concerned on what is happening in the body of Christ. We have been at a church for over 10 years but have seen signs of emergent ideas come in. This has included contemplative prayer, quoting of the key people in the emergent church including catholic mystics and monks, and training materials that include quotes from mystics and leaders in the emergent church. We have felt like an island and all alone. When we met with our Pastor to discuss what we have seen, we were made to believe that we were the ones that were deceived.

After researching on your website, reading Ray Yungun’s book, ” A Time of Departing” and Roger Oakland’s book “Faith Undone,” we have a better grasp of what is happening before our eyes.  We have since left our church and are in the gut wrenching process of looking for a new one. We are truly saddened that we left as we have a lot of friends at our old church. There have been moments when we question our decision but have been encouraged by your research and God’s Word and are confident that the Lord is leading and guising us to all truth.

 May we always contend for the faith that was once delivered to us,

 (Please keep my name and initials secret if you decide to publish this as we are right in the middle of all this.)

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