Letter to the Editor: A Reminder – There is Only One Gospel and One Jesus Christ

Dear Lighthouse Trails:

I came across your website today after my morning prayer session.

I just wanted to say that I agree with the message of your team in how the final apostasy will come about.  And rather than it be a Christians fighting the big bad Muslims, it will be some Christians unknowingly joining in with the apostasy with big smiles & warm fuzzy feelings. If you can’t beat em, join em and I believe this is Satan’s tactic right now.

I went to Calvary Chapel church starting in 1983, and I eventually lead worship in one of their churches.  It was a time of the Lord truly moving among his people. True love & devotion orchestrated by the Lord’s sweet Spirit.

I fell away from the church through my own foolishness, but when I heard recently about some of the problems happening, it hurt deeply.  I do pray for them that the Lord of the Bible delivers them from this New Age infiltration.

I always thought the great danger of the end times would be that Satan would get people’s eyes off Jesus completely and get them focused on the temptations of the world including money, sex, fame etc. But he has done worse than that. He is turning people’s eyes off the TRUE & COMPLETE Jesus Christ and on to a disconnected, empty shell posing as the Lord.

And of course, we know why this Contemplative movement is so strong!!!! Because we as human beings really DON’T want to admit that we DO need a Personal Savior, One who shed His Blood in all innocence for our sins. Because then, we would need to feel HUMBLE, GRATEFUL, REPENTANT knowing we had done NOTHING to deserve this wonderful gift, but that all the Glory belonged to God and none to us.

And it seems these days as human beings, God’s UNCONDITIONAL LOVE & GIFT OF ETERNAL LIFE SPENT WITH HIM is not enough. We want to also share in His Glory, in the Works of our own Salvation and in the Salvation of the World! We want to share in that feeling of “Behold what I have done!!!!!”

And that is the very spirit of Satan coming through! Satan, who wanted to be like God, to share in His Glory, to have His Power, to have the Adoration that only God deserves.

I will pray everyday for God to keep my eyes open to His truth & to keep alive within me a spirit of discernment.

By the way, I would like to say that I have experienced a renewing of my spirit and a great REMINDING of who the Lord Jesus Christ Was, Still Is, and who He will always be because there is NO need to change Jesus to make the “gospel” more acceptable to new generations. There is only one gospel…and no other!!!

God bless you & your ministry. TG

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