by Roger Oakland
Understand the Times

Do you remember the Communist and Humanist Manifestos? Do you recall the statements that were made to establish the religion of atheism and humanism? Now we have the Emerging Church Manifesto. If you have not read it, you should. Apostasy is underway.

The word manifesto is a fairly strong term. The idea that a document has been drafted promoting a particular position designed to change the planet is clearly insinuated. However in the case of Christianity, the promotion of a manifesto at the beginning of the 21st century implies that Christianity needs to be upgraded to provide a new and re-invented belief system.

Such is the case with the publication of a book titled Emergent Manifesto of Hope edited by Doug Pagitt and Tony Jones, two emergent leaders both members of Leadership Network, a think tank group of Christians founded in the 80’s by Bob Buford and inspired by Peter Drucker. This group led an onslaught of ideas promoting the emerging church as we know it.

The Emergent Manifesto of Hope is a declaration to the world and the church that Christianity as we once knew it, will be no more. Clearly there is an agenda by all contributing authors that the next generation of Christians will be devoted to building the kingdom, through and by whatever means it takes.

For example, one of the contributors is Samir Selmanovic who wrote:

The emerging church movement has come to believe that the ultimate context of the spiritual aspirations of a follower of Jesus Christ is not Christianity but rather the kingdom of God. …to believe that God is limited to it [Christianity] would be an attempt to manage God. If one holds that Christ is confined to Christianity, one has chosen a god that is not sovereign. [1]

I find this statement very interesting in light of what several of my former colleagues in Canada now believe. They believe they are training students to build the kingdom by taking “Jesus” to the people.

You see the emergent church is headed towards building a kingdom. This kingdom will include anyone and everyone. All religions are welcome. You can throw Jesus into the mix if you want. However the common denominator is not Jesus. The common denominator is the kingdom.

Further, Selmanovic clarifies what is meant by “kingdom building.” He stated:

Is our religion [Christianity] the only one that understands the true meaning of life? Or does God place his truth in others too? Well, God decides, and not us. The gospel is not our gospel, but the gospel of the kingdom of God, and what belongs to the kingdom of God cannot be hijacked by Christianity. [2]

Perhaps there are those who are going emerging and they don’t know where “emerging” is diverging from biblical Christianity. They only want to do what is effective to reach this generation for Jesus. This of course is understandable.

However, this is a perfect example of how deception works. You must always start with the truth. If you told the lie up front, then those with even the least bit of discernment would soon understand the plot. This is what has happened to many in the emerging church. What they are doing, they think, seems right. Now you have been warned. I hope and pray some will see the light. (For more information, read Roger Oakland’s book, Faith Undone.)

[1]  Pagitt and Jones, editors, An Emergent Manifesto, p. 192
[2]  Ibid. p. 194

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