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Labyrinths Have Found Their Place in the Christian Church

We received the top two photos this week from a reader. Below that are photos of various labyrinths in churches across North America. We have posted these, not to single out these particular churches, but rather to show examples of how many denominations have now incorporated the contemplative mystical practice of walking the labyrinth. And […]

The Labyrinth Journey: Walking the Path to Fulfillment?

The following article is also in booklet form. Click here to see if there are labyrinths in your region. The number of them is growing significantly as contemplative spirituality continues overtaking many denominations and ministries. Carl Teichrib Symbols are keyholes to doors in the walls of space, and through them man peers into Eternity . . […]

Letter to the Editor: Texas Christian University’s Labyrinth – School Needs to be Added to Contemplative College List

LTRP Note: After receiving this letter to the editor and after doing some of our own research, Lighthouse Trails has placed Texas Christian University on our “Contemplative Colleges List.” To see an example of the “fruit” of contemplative spirituality, check out Texas University’s Interfaith Initiative. Dear Lighthouse Trails: I read you recent article on the […]

Mennonite College Dedicates New Prayer Labyrinth

Courtesy of Menno-Lite LTRP Note: The following article is posted by Menno-lite for informational and research purposes only and not as an endorsement of labyrinths. Hesston College dedicates prayer labyrinth Written By: Emily Kauffman The Mennonite – Daily News Hesston (Kan.) College and the local community now have a new place to go for quiet […]

Letter to the Editor: Church of 43 Years Builds Labyrinth, Promotes Mystical Rituals and Social Gospel

Dear Lighthouse Trails, I left my church of 43 years, because they were promoting books like Ruth Haley Barton’s “Solitude and Silence”; they had built a Labyrinth next to the Memorial garden where my parents ashes lay and were performing mystic rituals along with contemplative prayer and Spiritual Formation. Before I left my church, I […]

NEW BOOKLET – The Labyrinth Journey: Walking the Path to Fulfillment?

The Labyrinth Journey: Walking the Path to Fulfillment?, written by Carl Teichrib, is our newest Lighthouse Trails Print Booklet. The booklet is 18 pages long and sells for $1.85 for single copies. Quantity discounts are as much as 50% off retail.  Below is the content of the booklet. To order copies of The Labyrinth Journey, click here. The […]

The Labyrinth Journey: Walking the Path to Fulfillment?

by Carl Teichrib Forcing Change “Symbols are keyholes to doors in the walls of space, and through them man peers into Eternity…Symbolism, then, is the divine language, and its figures are a celestial alphabet…” – Manly P. Hall . “…symbolical rites are the external expressions of man’s inward desire to unite with Divinity.” – Roberta […]

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