Respected Ministries Say OK to Contemplative J.P. Moreland

J. P. Moreland is Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Talbot (Biola) School of Theology. He has written numerous books and has spoken at over 200 colleges. He has many academic credentials and honors such as: Outstanding Young Men of America, 1981 and Senior Class Professor of the Year, Biola University, 1992-93. But Moreland has another … [Read more…]

J. P. Moreland on Spiritual Disciplines

A four part article on the TrueU (Focus on the Family) website written by J. P. Moreland (professor at Talbot School of Theology), espouses the spiritual disciplines (i.e., contemplative spirituality). Moreland says, a “Christian spiritual discipline is a repeated bodily practice” and leaves one to view the Christian life as regimented rituals that just might … [Read more…]