CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) Presents Soaking Prayer Seminar – Serious Problems with This Practice

The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) is promoting a practice called Soaking Prayer. On June 24th, they will present the Spiritual Gifts Seminar with Marguerite Evans of Catch the Fire Ministries. In addition, CBN posted an article about Evans who is the USA Coordinator for Soaking Centres. The article, titled “Soaking in the Spirit,” explains that … [Read more…]

Jesus Camp Film Reveals the Mystical and the Militant, Not Biblical Christianity

Jesus Camp, a new film about Christian camps for kids (released this month September 2006), is already stirring up a lot of controversy. Concerns and criticisms are coming from both secular and evangelical sides. New Age website Spirituality and Practice), while saying the film is important because of what it reveals, calls the movie “scary” … [Read more…]