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Report From Bryce Homes in India

One of the Christian Bryce Home families in India.

LTRP Note: Roger Oakland’s Bryce Homes International program has been going on for several years now. There are Bryce Homes in seven countries now. If you have never looked into this missions program which assists Christian families who are in poverty with spiritual, physical, and educational needs, we hope you will take the time to do so and consider supporting this work. If you are looking for a ministry to give to that has solid integrity and preaches the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, Bryce Homes International is such a ministry. Lighthouse Trails has partnered with Understand the Times Bryce Homes since 2010. To learn more about Bryce Homes, click here,  or to donate, click here.

From Understand the Times

Bryce Homes in India
August 2017

The following is a quarterly report coming from two of our leaders in India that oversee four Bryce Homes in India. These children have been abandoned to the streets and left on their own to survive.  Bryce Homes India provides the support for the children to be taken into the homes of Christian parents. It is the support that we receive from our donors that makes this possible.

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for your support and prayers for needy children and new parents.  God is working in the hearts of the children and the new parents in the Bryce Home children in Guntur. Last month schools reopened and all children have started to attend school. In the Bryce Homes, the adopted parents are taking care of the children. This is something I never expected from them because it is very difficult to love and care for children as their own. Also, children are having big physical challenges.

We were able to raise some money locally for new books for the children. God has opened the hearts of the people and provided study books and note books for all the children. This is very expensive. Only God did this.

All the children are attending Sunday school every week along with their parents.

Pray for all the kids because of their physical illnesses.  Often, they fall in sick and unstable in health that makes a problem in homes. Pray for the parents. They are the ones who face all the challenges. May God give them the big loving heart. Click here to continue reading.


Roger Oakland has returned safely home from his trip to India. Thank you to all who prayed for him during this time. Below are the links to his daily reports while there, including a report about Bryce Homes in India. If you would like to become a regular supporter of Understand the Times and Bryce Homes International, click here.

Bigstock –  Mumbai, India – February 28, 2016: Unidentified poor people sleep at the street in Mumbai, India

Reporting from Understand The Times, International
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Bryce Homes India Interview

Bryce Homes for Widows and Children In Kenya End-of-Year Slideshow

Two of the new Bryce Home children

As we come to the end of 2016, we thank the Lord for the wonderful things He has done with the Bryce Homes in several different countries. The Bryce Home program is an Understand The Times, International ministry; however, Lighthouse Trails readers are a big part of the Bryce Homes. The donations that come from the LT readers have especially helped to make the Bryce Homes in Kenya program what it is today where an increasing number of widows and children are being helped significantly, both physically and spiritually. We hope you enjoy this end-of-the-year slideshow of the widows and children in Kenya who are part of the Bryce Homes program. You will notice several new families in the slideshow. As many of the original Bryce widows have been able to become self-sufficient or even partly self-sufficient, other impoverished widows and their children can become part of the program.

The Bryce Homes program is an outreach to Christian families (particularly widows and children) throughout the world, providing them with basic survival needs, educational costs, biblical mentoring, housing, and opportunities to start and run small home-based businesses. If you would like to support this amazing and Gospel-focused missions work, please visit the Understand The Times website.

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow

Understand The Times 2016 Year End Update

From Roger Oakland
Understand the Times, International

Roger Oakland

Each year, during the first or second week of December, I post a year-end update for the ministry of Understand The Times and Bryce Homes. The purpose of doing this is to summarize the various tasks or projects that have been accomplished during the year we believe have brought glory and honor to Jesus Christ.

This past year, we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the ministry of Understand The Times. I have personally been involved in ministry for 38 years, 10 of those years as a member of a ministry team based in a small town in the province of Saskatchewan and 3 years associated with Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa.

While at the beginning of this year, I felt maybe the time had come to slow down or even retire, the hand of the Lord has been upon the ministry of Understand The Times like no other year we have experienced previously. As I was pondering this situation and making a list of the opportunities God gave us this past year, I felt it would be good to publish the list for others to see.

Truly none of this would have been possible without the leading and direction of the Holy Spirit. We take no credit for all the amazing things that have happened but feel it is important for others to see what God has done. Click here to continue reading.

A Bryce Homes Update From Board Member in Kenya

LTRJ Note: The following update was written by one of the Kenyan board members of the Bryce Homes in Kenya program. The Bryce Homes in Kenya program has been supported by Understand the Times and Lighthouse Trails readers for over four years now. We hope you will prayerfully consider becoming part of the support system for these Christian families in Kenya. If you are looking for a place you can trust to give your missions donations, please remember the Bryce Homes (founded and directed by Understand the Times and their Canadian and US boards).

August 2016

During our visit to the Bryce homes for the distribution of August food support, we took time to proceed with the assessment of various income-generating activities being practiced by some of the widows.

It is worth to note that stress and depression is the root cause of backwardness in most of the households in Kenya and even globally. The worst affected lot are women, especially the widowed who have many children to attend to. Majority of such homes are never sober enough to engage in any activity that may provide their daily bread. This has been realized as a result of various Bryce Homes in Kenya begin to lead a more or less self-sustaining lifestyle. The basic food support provided on a monthly basis relieves them from stress hence settle to undertake some SBO activities.

We profiled three unique households with attractive SBO engagements. This is in addition to the many others we wrote about previously. Some of them are discussed below.


1. The case of Margaret

Margret initially, before she was introduced to the Bryce Home programme, exhibited an exhausted life. Even though she had some parcel of land with water that could sustain crops, she lacked the energy or capital to hire labourers to assist. We then thought of providing to her family in terms of the food and overlooked her farm. She however gained strength having been under the programme for a number of years. She could then till the swampy land and little by little began to plant vegetables, arrow roots and maize. She plants the vegetables during a dry spell when the commodity is scarce. She therefore makes reasonable income by selling the vegetables especially to schools where her children learn. This has since relieved her from paying a lot of fees.

Margaret poses on her vegetable farm. The crops will be ready for the market after
three weeks.

Her arrow roots have also rocked the market as many people prefer such natural food stuff to other processed products with chemicals. She supplies them to some hospitals where most people with patients buy from her

Margaret joyfully shows a harvested arrowroot. She says it is her best
escort for breakfast.

Margaret surprised us when we learnt of her unique way of saving her proceed from sales. She has no idea of saving money by the bank. She however keeps it under her pillow throughout the year and converts it into the livestock. She has since bought two cows and some poultry. We advised her to open a bank account for her future savings. Her vision is big and calls for more advice and assistance to succeed.

Margaret shows us her two cows bought after saving her proceeds from the sale of vegetables.

In conclusion, we learnt a lot from Margaret and from now on we will not despise any humble SBO engagement by any of the households. We believed this will minister to many people especially other widows who are idling.


2. The case of Maurine

Maurine is a new widow under Bryce Home program and has learnt a lesson from Margaret. Since February this year when she was registered under Bryce Home, she immediately began to visit Margaret to find out what was behind her success. She curiously thought Margaret as well as other widows/women under Bryce Home program receive money on a monthly basis. This is when she learnt that Margaret only benefit from the food support which provides her with energy to do her work. Maurine immediately embarked on farming of some bulb onions which has significantly begun rewarding her. Maurine also supplies her ripe pawpaw to the hospital for sale to the people with patients.

Maurine poses on her bulb onion garden. She says she has a long way to go though
She will make it.

The pawpaw behind Maurine’s temporary house.

Generally we, the Bryce Home Board in Kenya, have realized the miraculous ways in which this program has changed the lives of the vulnerable. There is now need to take a lot of time in going round occasionally to provide the necessary guidance to other widows who have been under the program but with insignificant progress. We believe, by doing this, all will be guided to acquire self-sustaining future. Even meeting the cost of educating their children will be achievable by themselves.



Ministry Update From Roger Oakland – “From the Heart”

A 2016 photo of Roger during his trip to Kenya.

A 2016 photo of Roger during his trip to Kenya standing with: (left to right: Walter, Kevin, Pastor Nelson, Pastor Achilla, Roger)

By Roger Oakland
Understand the Times, International

It has been some time since I have written a personal note sharing about the progress in the ministry of Understand The Times and expressing things that are from my heart. Those who are close to me know that the last six months have been among the most difficult days of my life. This may come as a surprise to those who are not close to me or are, at best, indifferent to the ministry of Understand The Times. One of the greatest difficulties has been to learn of those who have professed to be friends who, at best, are no friends at all.

If you are close to my closest friends and my family, you know I am not exaggerating. In short, the ministry of being a watchman is not a glorious one nor does it bring any honor or position with it. When a man or woman is called to serve God, there are no guarantees there will be great times of blessing or an overabundance of encouragement. And, in fact, even the closest friends and relatives can turn their backs on you, sometimes out of misunderstanding the calling of a watchman and even sometimes out of fear of the price it costs to be one or to be associated with one. Check out the Old Testament prophets. Click here to continue reading.

Local Kenyan Government Praises Bryce Home Program

Presented by Understand the Times, International

Compiled by the Bryce Homes in Kenya Board




While the Bryce Home support project have been making progress in Kenya, it came to our attention that the local government at the grass roots had been following keenly. This made them invite the board to their office where many questions were asked. We explained the objectives of the project and the kind of activities we have conducted so far.

The office therefore sent a representative (officer) to one of the homes which has been receiving support. Due to cost implications, we identified the home of Francisca which was in the neighborhood. The board members accompanied the officer to the home of Francisca where inspection was done and a report done on the same.

General Inspection of the Home

The following findings were made;

I.Three roomed permanent house found.

  1.                    A well maintained permanent pit latrine and a bathroom.

III. A well maintained dish rack.

IV  A small kitchen garden


  1. Interview :

Through an interview, the officer established the following findings . . . Click here to continue reading and for more photos.

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