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A Small Price to Pay

A Small Price To Paypresented by Kjos Ministries

The story of Mikhail (Misha) Khorev, a persecuted Russian pastor who gladly paid that price: sharing the suffering of Jesus — thus demonstrating God’s matchless peace, love, endurance and forgiveness!

This first segment from Chapter 1 shows us the enduring faith of Misha’s Christian father and the unforgettable legacy he left for his children. The rest of this book shows the price Misha paid — and the eternal prize he won!

Jesus said, “…because you are not of the world… the world hates you …If they persecuted Me they will persecute you.” John 15:19-21

“The Stalinist government wanted to get rid of all Christians. That is why they continued to arrest the men from our church. When the pastors were all in prison or killed, other men took their places…” (p. 28)


Papa Is Taken

“We are here for Ivan Khorev.”

Though I was still half asleep, I instantly knew what was happening. My parents had talked enough between themselves that I understood it was only a matter of time before the police would come for Papa.

I shivered from fright as much as from cold as I huddled under the blanket and watched the scene at the front door. “My husband is not at home,” I heard my mother say clearly to the voice out in the hail.

The door was shoved open from the hallway, and three men in uniform strode into the living room. They looked around our small flat, straining to see into the darkened rooms.

My mother had backed toward us, shielding us as much as she could from the men. I heard Maria whimper as she woke and saw the strange men in the room.

“Where is Ivan Khorev?” The question was loud and reached into every corner of the flat.

“He is at work,” Mama said. Her voice did not betray her emotions. She went to Maria and picked her up, wrapping the blanket tightly around her.

“Is it necessary to go to work to arrest him, or will he come home?” the officer asked in his strident voice. Click here to purchase A Small Price to Pay.

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