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The Church in Crisis! – Liberty University Hires Open Homosexual Advocate to Choreograph ‘Mary Poppins’ Production

By Heather Clark
Christian News Network

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Liberty University, which is considered the world’s largest Christian university and whose motto is ‘training champions for Christ,’ has hired an open homosexual advocate to choreograph its upcoming Broadway-style presentation of Mary Poppins.

The university recently published an article regarding the production, which it celebrates as being the school’s “largest to date.” The article notes that Alluvion Stage Company, an arm of the university’s Department of Theater Arts, “has hired a guest music director, a flight director, and a Broadway choreographer” to assist with the presentation.

“We are very excited to have all of these guest artists join us … They bring a whole new level of excellence,” stated artistic director Linda Nell Cooper. “Our goal with Alluvion is for every show to raise the bar somehow; they have helped us to do that.”

The selected choreographer is Geoffrey Goldberg, a New York City-based artist who has been involved with professional theater for over a decade, and traveled the country for five years assisting with the production of Mary Poppins, among others. . . .

GoldbergGoldberg’s social media pages also indicate his support and advocacy for the homosexual agenda, posting “Happy pride, everyone” in June of last year, which was designated as Homosexual Pride Month by Barack Obama. Goldberg is also a member of the Facebook group Marriage Equality New York. Click here to continue reading. Also more about Liberty University’s move down the emerging path.

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Mozilla CEO Resigns Amid Criticism, Boycott Over Donation Supporting Biblical Marriage

By Heather Clark
Christian News Network

Brandon Eich Credit darcy PadillaMOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – The new CEO of Mozilla has resigned from his post after an online dating company and other homosexual advocates threatened to boycott the company over a past donation in support of Biblical marriage.

Brandon Eich, co-founder of Mozilla and inventor of JavaScript, stepped down just two weeks after being promoted from his previous position as chief technology officer. Eich’s departure centered around backlash regarding a $1,000 donation to California’s Proposition 8 efforts in 2008. While the matter became public knowledge in 2012, homosexual advocates resurfaced the complaint last month after becoming aware of Eich’s promotion.

Eich responded by creating a blog post aimed at employees that “express[ed] … sorrow at having caused pain.” He vowed to work with “LGBT communities and allies, to listen and learn what does and doesn’t make Mozilla supportive and welcoming,” and reiterated the company’s “anti-discrimination policies.” Click here to continue reading.

Mark Driscoll’s Distorted View on Noah and Salvation . . . (And How Some People Have a Very Strange Idea as to the Meaning of God’s Salvation)

driscoll-noahLTRP Note: With the release of the Hollywood movie Noah and its blasphemous representation of God’s truth as told in the Bible and an outright attack on Bible-believing Christians, coupled with emerging Christian figures (such as Mark Driscoll who misses the point while trying to make a point in his claims that Noah was not a righteous man1), the article below by Dr. Harry Ironside is timely.

Unfortunately, teachers like Mark Driscoll further confuse the Gospel message. In Driscoll’s so-called defense of the biblical account of Noah, he says that the Noah account was an example of God’s grace and that it had nothing to do with Noah’s righteousness or even Noah’s faith in God. And in fact, in a sermon by Mark Driscoll, he says that Noah was “bad all of the time” (see video clip below). This is a commonly believed and twisted view of God and salvation that says God chooses some and rejects others, based on nothing more than God’s own personal whim rather than on one’s  faith or trust in God (“without faith it is impossible to please [God]“—Hebrews 11:6). In actuality, the story of Noah is about God saving the one man on the earth who had faith in God as Dr. Ironside explains below. And Scripture is very clear that God called Noah a righteous man.

In this day and age when not only the world but also Christian leaders are turning a blind eye to sin, looking for an excuse to sin (such as World Vision’s recent announcement that they were going to start hiring homosexual couples2), let us, as Bible-believing Christians, remember that while we know we are saved only by God’s grace and of no righteousness of our own, we are to strive to be holy (sanctified, set apart) as God is holy (1 Peter 1:16), forsaking the ways of the world to walk with Him. It is the life and righteousness of Christ in us that compels us and gives us the strength that we so desperately need.

By whom also we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God. (Romans 5:2)

For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God. (Ephesians 2:8)

Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with God. (Genesis 6:9)

Thus did Noah; according to all that God commanded him, so did he. (Genesis 6:22)

And the Lord said unto Noah, Come thou and all thy house into the ark; for thee have I seen righteous before me in this generation. (Genesis 7:1)

The word of the Lord came again to me, saying, Son of man, when the land sinneth against me by trespassing grievously, then will I stretch out mine hand upon it, and will break the staff of the bread thereof, and will send famine upon it, and will cut off man and beast from it: Though these three men, Noah, Daniel, and Job, were in it, they should deliver but their own souls by their righteousness, saith the Lord God. (Ezekiel 14:12-14)

By faith Noah, being warned of God of things not seen as yet, moved with fear, prepared an ark to the saving of his house; by the which he condemned the world, and became heir of the righteousness which is by faith. (Hebrews 11:7)

And spared not the old world, but saved Noah the eighth person, a preacher of righteousness, bringing in the flood upon the world of the ungodly; (2 Peter 2:5)

By Dr. Harry Ironside

Salvation is beautifully illustrated away back in the Old Testament. You remember when God was about to bring the flood of judgment upon the earth, He commanded Noah to build an ark for the saving of his house. Then when the ark was all completed, God said to Him, “Come thou and all thy house into the ark.” When they entered the ark, they were safe there until the judgment was passed, until in God’s due time they came out upon a new earth.

Noah, like Abraham, is a very striking example of one who has been declared righteous because of his faith. It was faith that led him to prepare an ark for the saving of his house, when there seemed no evidence of a coming flood. It was faith that led him to obey God and enter that ark, with all his family, when commanded to do so by God. Inside the ark all were secure until the deluge was over. They were kept by omnipotent power. The ark bore all the brunt of the storm. Noah and his household were shut in by God, who had Himself closed the door. The same hand that shut them in shut all the unbelieving antediluvian world outside. The ark was a type of Christ. All who are in Christ are eternally secure.

Suppose when the ark was completed God had said, “Now, Noah, go and get eight large, strong spikes and drive them into the side of the ark.” Imagine Noah procuring these spikes and doing as commanded. Then when each spike was securely fastened, let us presume that God said, “Come thou and all thy house and take hold of these spikes, and all who hang on to the end of the flood will be saved.” How long do you think Noah and the rest would have been secure?

I can imagine each one taking hold of a spike—then the waters rising as the rain poured down. In a few minutes, they would have been soaked to the skin. Then think of the terrific strain on joints and muscles as the ark was lifted from the earth and began its perilous voyage through the raging waters. I think I hear Noah calling to his wife, “Mother, how is it going; all is well?”

And she calls back, “I’m holding on. Do pray for me that I may be able to hold out to the end!”

Soon poor Mrs. Ham would cry out, “It’s no use, can’t hang on any longer. I am going to backslide.” And she would let go and be swept away by the flood. How long do you suppose it would be before every one of them would be obliged to let go and so go down to death?

Thank God, that is not a true picture of His salvation. He is not calling men to hang on to Christ. But just as Noah entered into the ark and found there perfect security, so every believer is in Christ and saved for eternity. It is not a question of our ability to hang on, but of Christ’s ability to carry us safely through to the glory. He who has begun the good work in us will perfect it until the day of manifestation.

When God justifies a sinner, that sinner is in Christ; and there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus. It is true that inside the ark order should prevail. I have no doubt that Noah and his family all sought to behave themselves inside the ark as those who owed everything to the matchless grace of God which had delivered them. So you and I should devote all our lives and powers to the glory of Him who has saved us. But our salvation does not depend upon our devotedness and faithfulness. It depends upon His faithfulness. “He is faithful who hath promised.”

(From Dr. Ironside’s book, Great Words of the Gospel – chapter 10 – public domain)

Video clip of Mark Driscoll saying Noah was not a righteous man:
(posting this video is not meant to be an endorsement of the source but rather posted for informational and research purposes)

World Vision’s Crocodile Tears: ” Brokenhearted over the pain and confusion” They Caused By Endorsing Homosexual Marriage

LTRP Note: This is a follow up to an article we posted last week: NBC News: World Vision to Hire Homosexual “Married” Couples . It’s difficult not to feel appalled at what World Vision is doing in both last week’s decision to hire homosexual couples and in this week’s reversal decision trying to say they reversed the decision because they were brokenhearted over offending Bible-believing Christians, when in fact they are brokenhearted over losing so much financial support. Hopefully, Bible-believing supporters of World Vision will realize this double-speak says volumes about World Vision and the direction they have been going in for years. This is an example of utter apostasy gone wild.

By John Lanagan
My Word Like Fire Ministries

So, I guess my wife and I never really had to repent over homosexual sin. Apparently we just needed to find and marry same sex partners who were “Christians.”

That is precisely the message World Vision just tried to spread.

But something unexpected happened: Christians (Bible believing Christians) began canceling their economic support. That affected World Vision’s movers and shakers far more than the Word of God, which Richard Stearns flat out disobeyed.

According to World Vision: “We are brokenhearted over the pain and confusion we have caused many of our friends, who saw this decision as a reversal of our strong commitment to Biblical authority. We ask that you understand that this was never the board’s intent. We are asking for your continued support.” — from World Vision’s letter about its reversal of policy on hiring “married gay Christians.” (bold mine)


They are absolutely, positively brokenhearted. Click here to continue reading and for a link to World Vision’s Reversal statement.

NBC News: World Vision to Hire Homosexual “Married” Couples

LTRP Note: For those who still haven’t come to understand that mainstream evangelical Christianity has entered into an apostate state, leaving biblical Christianity behind, this article from a secular news source should be most convincing. As for World Vision, Lighthouse Trails has reported on a number of different occasions the emerging direction in which World Vision has been going and obviously has arrived.

“Major Evangelical Charity to Hire Married Gay Christians”

NBC News
(Courtesy My Word Like Fire ministries)

The prominent Christian relief agency World Vision said Monday it will hire Christians who are in same-sex marriages, a dramatic policy change on one of the most divisive social issues facing religious groups.

Richard Stearns, president of the international humanitarian relief group, announced the hiring change for the United States in a letter to staff. Stearns said the World Vision board had prayed for years about how to handle the issue as Christian denominations took different stands on recognizing same-sex relationships.

“The board and I wanted to prevent this divisive issue from tearing World Vision apart and potentially crippling our ability to accomplish our vital kingdom mission of living and serving the poorest of the poor in the name of Christ,” Stearns wrote in the letter.

The agency’s new hiring policy was first reported by Christianity Today magazine.

Based in Washington state and started by evangelicals, World Vision now has an international operating budget of nearly $1 billion and conducts economic development and emergency relief projects around the world. Last year, the charity reported receiving 18 percent of its annual funding from the federal government. Click here to continue.

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Christian Sports Ministry Under Attack After Denouncing Policies of U.S. Olympic Committee on Homosexuality

LTRP Note: Lighthouse Trails has appreciated the ministry of Steve McConkey and posted a number of his articles  over the years such as “Rick Warren Doublespeak.”

By Garrett Haley
Christian News Network

U.S. Olympic Committee logo

MADISON, Wis. – The president of a Christian sports ministry says his organization has been under attack after he denounced the ‘pro-homosexual policies’ of the U.S. Olympic Committee during the recent Sochi Olympics.

Steve McConkey is president of 4 WINDS Christian Athletics, a worldwide sports ministry based in Madison, Wisconsin. 4 WINDS has provided support for athletes across the world during recent Olympic games and other sporting events.

McConkey has repeatedly voiced concern over the pro-homosexual agenda of major sports companies and organizations, including the U.S. Olympic Committee. He says the recent addition of “sexual orientation” to the Committee’s anti-discrimination policy should raise red flags for Christians.

“Christians believe homosexuality is a sin,” McConkey wrote in a press release late last year. “So does that mean that Christians are discriminators?” Click here to continue reading.

The New Cruel Tolerance

By Bill Randles

A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast: but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel. (Proverbs 12:10; bold added)

Currently, there is an alternative to the Judeo-Christian concept of love for our fellow-man, which is called tolerance. It looks like love, and perhaps more importantly to many it actually feels like love, but it’s not love at all.

In fact, though it’s called tolerance, it’s not even tolerance in the traditional sense of the word. A better expression would perhaps be fawning accommodation; but tolerance is what they are calling it these days.

In this post-Christian era, the highest ideal is that the majority bend over backwards to be tolerant of every deviance from society.

It used to mean that we are to be tolerant and accepting of foreigners and their customs, of other religions, cultures and practices. Of course credit is never given to the fact that the most tolerant place on the planet has always been the Christian west. But today, one by one, every deviant and abnormal behavior is being added to the accommodations list. Freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom to life on your own terms have been the hallmark of places like America, Canada, and Britain. But that definition of tolerance has recently been upgraded.

The new tolerance doesn’t simply mean that you must allow for differences among people or society without castigation or persecution. We are now required by the Orwellian definition of tolerance to positively promote such lifestyles, customs, and deviance (moral or otherwise), almost to the point of the denigration of the majority culture.

We should be tolerant of differences; indeed, we should ever be hospitable to the stranger, allow for religious differences, celebrate the fact that there is freedom of speech and of thought , traces of the formerly Christian culture. This comes from Moses and of course, Jesus and the prophets, and seeped its way into western society.

But the new tolerance goes beyond that and is actually quite cruel.

For example, take the new toleration of Islam. When there is something toxic about a culture, an inherent flaw in it, to “tolerate it” to the point of admiringly upholding it almost as a model “religion of peace” does no service to the people in it. Our own government practiced this after 9-11-2001.

The Muslim people desperately need to be confronted as human beings with the serious flaws of their own false religion, and 9-11 was an ideal “teachable moment,” but the new tolerance made it impossible to do so on a large-scale. I believe this new non-judgmental tolerance is cruel because it is both artificial and patronizing, and in the long run hurts everyone.

Muslims are human beings too, and in spite of the teachings of Mohammed, they still have a conscience and know very well that what happened on 9-11 was an act of criminal barbarity. As human beings none of them would want that to happen to them or any people they know. But the new tolerance “runs interference” on any real soul-searching.

The rush to justify Islam, and to appease the “hurt feelings” of Muslims in America and elsewhere actually hurts Muslims, because it denies them full responsibility as moral agents. Islam and its adherents have committed 16,000 acts of terror since 9-11, but in the new tolerance, they are mere victims to be pitied—an accommodation that places them on a less-than-human scale, perhaps through fear that is we don’t appease them, they will do us even greater violence.

I have been seeing the destruction caused by this cruel, new tolerance in the area of homosexuality as well. Those who try to point out that homosexuality is a destructive, literally damning way to live, are shut down by the new tolerance as “Haters,” of the homosexual. (I am trying to break the habit of calling them “Gay.” I don’t accept the premise—they aren’t “gay” when they are really miserable; and drug, alcohol, and suicide statistics bear this out.)

But who really “hates” the homosexual, and who truly “loves ” them? Those who practice the new tolerance actually hate the homosexual by condemning them to this “lifestyle,” affirming them in that which is sterile, deadly, filthy, and which debases and kills the conscience. This kind of “acceptance” is deadly.

Those who truly love the homosexuals are the ones who tell them in the name of the Lord that God has something better for them and that they are responsible beings who must give account for this distortion of God’s prophetic institution of marriage, and that change is entirely possible and so is forgiveness.

This new toxic tolerance has even seeped into the evangelical Christian church. There are those who have been embarrassed by the teachings of Jesus and the apostles and prophets of the Bible against Sodomy. They would gain cheap points with the world for being “compassionate” as opposed to those “judgmental religious hypocrites” who dare to speak the truth in love to this generation.

This is how Christians are consistently betraying one another and their Lord by posing as the “tolerant loving Christians,” in contrast to the faithful witnesses to truth in our time.

We must fervently call this heresy out for what it is, a perversion of the biblical teaching of love, which is based on truth and a revelation of the Holy God who created us in His image. Real love isn’t humanistic “tolerance;” it is Holy and upholds the truth of God. Love hates evil and rejoices in the truth.

The ironic thing about the new tolerance is that it only runs one way. Be aware that those who plead for “tolerance” for homosexuals, Islam, atheism, abortion, and pornography will prove to be so intolerable of Christians whom they will one day soon persecute without mercy.

Used with permission.



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