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‘Mysticism’ infecting Nazarene beliefs . . . and more of the story

On April 14th, OneNewsNow, an affiliate of American Family Association, released a small article titled “‘Mysticism’ infecting Nazarene beliefs.” The article brought attention to Manny Silva of Stand for Truth Ministries. Silva has been active in trying to warn Nazarenes about the infiltration of contemplative/emerging spirituality into the Nazarene denomination. While Lighthouse Trails is glad to see that OneNewsNowhas picked up on this vital situation, the short article barely touches the tip of the iceberg. It is disheartening to see how the Christian media has barely given any attention at all on how the panentheistic, mystical contemplative prayer movement (i.e., spiritual formation) has adversely affected almost every denomination within evangelical Protestant Christianity. Below is the lead paragraph to the OneNewsNow article and then some links to Lighthouse Trails articles of the past that fill in some of the gaps on what is happening in the Nazarene denomination with regard to contemplative/emerging spirituality:

‘Mysticism’ infecting Nazarene beliefs
Russ Jones – OneNewsNow
A ministry based in Massachusetts is voicing its concern about the so-called [LT does not understand why some of the media calls the emerging church “so-called] “emergent church” movement’s growing influence on the Nazarene denomination.

The InterMountain Christian News reports that roughly 10,000 Nazarenes in the United States and Canada have left the denomination over the past four years. Manny Silva, director of Stand for Truth Ministries, says research shows that unbiblical ideology is rampant throughout the denomination.

“There is mysticism coming into the denomination — a lot of mystical practices, including the use of pagan prayer labyrinths. There is the teaching of open theism and process theology in the university,” Silva reports. “The underlying problem that is going on in the Church of Nazarene, most of us believe, is the denial that the holy scriptures are the inherent, infallible Word of God.” Click here to read more.

Lighthouse Trails Research on the Nazarene Church’s slip into contemplative/emerging:

Nazarene Superintendent Praises “A Time of Departing” But Denomination’s Schools Sinking into Contemplative – Jan. 2007

Nazarene Universities Welcome Brian McLaren  – Feb 2008

Mount Vernon Nazarene University Bringing Contemplative/Emergent Speakers  – March 2008

Trevecca Nazarene University Promoting Contemplative Spirituality in No Small Way  – Feb 2009

Nazarene General Assembly Welcomes Contemplative Spirituality–Nazarene Pastors WorldWide Invited – March 2009

Point Loma Nazarene University Welcomes Brian McLaren and Embraces Contemplative Spirituality  – April 2009

G12 Master Plan Could Expose Thousands of Nazarenes to Contemplative/Emerging Spirituality  – Oct. 2009

Buddhist/Universalist Sympathizer Woos Nazarene Students at NNU – Jan. 2010

Northwest Nazarene University President Responds Regarding New Spirituality Speaker  – Jan 2010

Nazarene Pastor Fired For Fighting Emergent Ideology – Feb. 2010

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