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Labyrinths Have Found Their Place in the Christian Church

We received the top two photos this week from a reader. Below that are photos of various labyrinths in churches across North America. We have posted these, not to single out these particular churches, but rather to show examples of how many denominations have now incorporated the contemplative mystical practice of walking the labyrinth. And this is only showing some of the churches that have labyrinths on site. There are countless churches, ministries, and denominations that may not necessarily have labyrinths on site, but pastors and leaders encourage their congregations or followers to use them (e.g., the Reformed Church of America), or they encourage their congregations to visit retreat centers that have them.  Carl Teichrib has written an excellent article/booklet on labyrinths that is worth the read.

(The photos used below are low resolution photos used in accordance with the U.S. Fair Use Act for the critique, review, and dissemination of information.)

Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Orcas Island, Washington












St. Mark Lutheran, Salem, Oregon









Millbrook Baptist, Raleigh, NC








Mennonite Church Eastern Canada







Wesleyan University











Calvin Presbyterian Church, Zelienople PA











First United Methodist Church, Boulder, CO









Fuller Theological Seminary

Vanderbilt University Founded by Methodist Church to Offer Sex Change Surgeries to Students

By Garrett Haley
Christian News Network

NASHVILLE – A private university in Tennessee that was founded by the Methodist Church will soon begin covering transgender-related surgeries under its student insurance plans, drawing sharp criticism from a local congresswoman.

Vanderbilt University is a private school in Nashville, Tennessee. For the first 40 years of its existence, Vanderbilt was under the auspices of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. However, the school and the church severed their ties with each other in 1914.

According to a report from Vanderbilt’s student newspaper, the school will soon begin covering transgender-related surgeries under the student insurance plan. Medical documentation obtained by Christian News Network shows that the operations will be covered just like “any other eligible service” once the policy goes into effect at the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year, meaning students will not have to pay for the surgeries out of pocket. Click here to continue reading.

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