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Presbyterians (USA) Vote to Allow Homosexual ‘Marriages’ by 3-1 Ratio

By Editors at Christian News Network

RNS-PRESBY-GAYSDETROIT — The 1.8 million-member Presbyterian Church (USA) voted Thursday (June 19) to allow homosexual ‘weddings,’ making it among one of the largest religious groups to take an embracing step toward openly supporting homosexuality.

By a 76-24 percent vote, the General Assembly of the PCUSA voted to allow their pastors to perform homosexual “marriages” in states where they are considered legal. Delegates, meeting in Detroit this week, also approved new language about marriage in the PCUSA Book of Order, or constitution, altering references to “a man and woman” to “two persons.”

This change will not become church law until a majority of the 172 regional presbyteries vote to ratify the new language. But given the lopsided 3-1 ratio of the vote, approval is expected.

Homosexual activists within the PCUSA rejoiced at their victory, which was remarkable for its margin of victory after multiple years of razor-thin defeats. Click here to continue reading.

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Presbyterian Church USA Teams Up With American Islamists

By Ryan Mauro
The Clarion Project

(an out of house news source not related to Lighthouse Trails – posted for informational and research purposes)

The Church is an official interfaith partner with U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entities and supporters of Sharia for America.

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailA writer giving soft treatment to Islamists wouldn’t be a new development, but Ben Daniel isn’t just any writer. He’s the pastor of a church and his book was published by the Presbyterian Church USA. This church of 1.8 million has become an ally of Islamists.

Pastor Ben Daniel leads Foothill Presbyterian Church of San Jose and his book, The Search for Truth About Islam: A Christian Pastor Separates Fact from Fiction, was released on March 25 by the official publisher of the Presbyterian Church USA.

His book “explores what he calls ‘the American cult of fear,’ particularly as it relates to the rise of Islamophobia in the United States.”

Islamists have used the term “Islamophobia” to gain political influence and bash opponents – including ant-Islamists Muslims — long before the 9/11 attacks. Now, even Muslims are speaking out against the abuse of the term. Click here to continue reading.

Related Resource:

The Last Days, Islam & Israel: Conflict of the Ages by Mike Oppenheimer

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Presbyterian Church in Colorado Votes to Break from Denomination Over Homosexual Ordination

The Gazette

COLORADO SPRINGS – In an historic move for First Presbyterian Church in downtown Colorado Springs,  almost 90 percent of its membership voted Sunday to leave the church’s main  governing body in the United States.

“What is broken down is a common  vision and a common purpose,” Senior Pastor Jim Singleton told a standing-room  only crowd at the church Sunday afternoon as he advocated for the split from the  Presbyterian Church USA. “When we look at the national organization, it no  longer connects here.”
Sunday’s vote was the culmination of 10 months of  work by church leaders to distance themselves from the mainstream governing body  of Presbyterian church in the United States, which voted in May 2011 to allow  openly gay ministers to be ordained. Singleton cited several other scriptural  reasons for the split and said that the move has been “coming for a long time.” Read more:

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50 Top Organizations With a Significant Role in Bringing Contemplative Spirituality to the Church

From 10 years of research at Lighthouse Trails Research Project, we have found the following fifty organizations to have had a significant role in bringing contemplative spirituality into the evangelical/Protestant church. If you do not know or understand the implications of this, we urge you to educate yourself as soon as possible.

Note: We have not listed any colleges or seminaries in this list. To see our list of contemplative promoting schools, click here. This list below is in conjunction with our recent list of Christian leaders: 100 Top Contemplative Proponents Evangelical Christians Turn To Today.

1.  Acts 29 Network
2. American Association of Christian Counselors
3.  American Bible Society 

4.  Association for Biblical Higher Learning 

5.  Association of Theological Schools (ATS) 

6.  Baker Books (Emersion) 


8. Boundless Webzine (FOF) 

9.  Breakforth (Canada) 

10.  Center for Action and Contemplation 

11.  Christian Classics Ethereal Library (CCEL) 

12.  Christian Missionary Alliance 

13.  Christianity Today 

14. Emergent Village 

15. Evangelical Lutheran Church of America 

16.  Focus on the Family 

17.  Group Magazine 

18. Henri Nouwen Society 

19.  IHOP-KC 

20.  Intervarsity Press 

21.  Kairos School of Spiritual Formation
22.  Conversations Journal
23. Leadership Network
24.  Lifeway Resources 

25.  Mennonite Brethren
26.  Mennonite Church, USA

27. Metamorpha  

28.  National Worship Conference
29. NavPress

30.  New Church Specialties

31. Presbyterian Church USA

32.  Relevant Magazine

33.  Renovare

34. Robert E. Webber Institute for Spiritual Studies

35. Saddleback Church 

36.  Sojourners 

37.  Spiritual Directors International 

38.  Teen Mania 

39.  The Church of the Nazarene 

40. The Ooze 

41. The Purpose Driven Movement

42.  The Upper Room
43. Thomas Nelson Publishers 

44.  Transforming Center 

45.  Wesleyan Church 

46.  Willow Creek Association 

47.  Worship Leader Magazine
48.  Youth Ministry & Spirituality Project
49. Youth Specialties
50. Zondervan

Note: You can get information on any of these organizations using our search engines on both our blog and research site. 

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