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A Celebration of a Servant’s Promotion

Mike Oppenheimer

Mike Oppenheimer

By Mike Oppenheimer
Let Us Reason Ministries

In life, we come across certain people who are extraordinary in character. Ray Yungen was just such a person.

It was Ray who first made us aware of the Catholic contemplative mysticism and certain New Age practices becoming popular and entering the church. He did more than point them out, he explained what they were and why a Christian should not participate in this kind of spirituality. As he explained about centering prayer, also: contemplative prayer was a means for all to find the God within by attaining oneness with self. This is the basis for Eastern religions from which mystical traditions originate.

Ray did not parse the truth, but he was considerate in the way he presented it to those caught in deceptions. A ministry is validated by a person’s example of being a servant, willing to help others, and not just by what they know. His knowledge did not surpass his caring, and his passion was genuine in helping others who were deceived by contemplative and New Age practices. Ray was always pleasant to speak with and be with.

I remember several years ago when we got together to film an Emerging Church DVD. We were sitting at the dinner table waiting for the food when Ray pulled out the book, The Shack, and read some quotes, asking us what we thought. He wanted our input before he voiced what his own concerns.

Another night, we decided to visit the local secular bookstore in town, and he immediately grabbed a few books off the shelves showing us the very same practices that the church was contending with. Ray was always animated about his ministry work.

I spoke with Ray a year ago on the phone as he was concerned about his health, especially his immune system. We discussed what could and could not be used to boost his immune system, which was very low at the time, avoiding any type of New Age medicine or techniques. Neither of us had any idea that this could later become cancer.

Being in this camp of apologetics, Ray was on the front line as a watchman who spoke on the changes of the church from inside influences of what we call the New Age teachings.

It is those who realize what is at stake who speak out. There is no doubt that Ray had his share of enemies, those who were willing to fight against him, not understanding what he was saying—they were just reacting to the things he said were wrong and dangerous. But he also had many friends who benefited from his friendship, his research, and his writings. Ray will be dearly missed. He leaves a legacy of research and writing that will be referred to by many in the years to come.

Ray is now, by the grace of God, able to rest and enjoy his rewards.

LTRJ Note: The following is a video of Ray Yungen and Mike Oppenheimer having a discussion about the things Mike was referring to in this tribute:



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rayphoto-obituaryTo be posted in the Salem, Oregon newspaper on Sunday, October 23, 2016

Raymond Allen Yungen passed away peacefully on October 16th, 2016 at the Salem Hospital in Salem, Oregon. Ray was born February 7, 1952 and was 64 years old at the time of his death. He was a resident of Salem for the greater part of his life.

In the 1980s, Ray became involved in researching and writing on topics related to the Christian faith such as Bible prophecy, current events, and how the New Age and Eastern mysticism has influenced the Christian church.

In the course of his life, Ray wrote several books and articles that were published and circulated worldwide. He spoke at countless conferences and seminars and could often be found on the radio sharing his latest findings. He also gave an annual lecture to Corban University’s World Religions & Cults class for several years.

Ray is preceded in death by his parents, Carl Albert (d. 1993) and Margaret Elaine (Fadenracht; d. 1995) Yungen—both from Salem, Oregon. He grew up as an only child, was never married, and is survived by one first cousin and several second and third cousins scattered throughout America.

Ray was a man who loved life, loved people, and loved God. His tenderhearted manner touched all who came to know him. In addition to his researching and writing, he enjoyed spending time over a good cup of coffee with friends, listening to music, and being in nature.

Ray had a zeal for truth and was passionate in his desire to help others find and know truth as well. He loved God’s Word and used it as a measuring rod in all he did and believed. Ray’s research and writing ministry impacted tens of thousands of people throughout the world, and he will be sorely missed by many. He has left an indelible imprint on the Christian church that will be remembered for years to come. Ray’s writings and lectures will continue to be distributed through his publisher, Lighthouse Trails Publishing. More information about Ray can be learned at their website: and also his website: where you can read articles written by Ray.

There will be a memorial service held in Ray’s honor and open to the public on Saturday, October 29th at 2pm at the Virgil T. Golden Funeral Home on 605 Commercial St. SE in Salem, Oregon 97301.

Note: If you would like to help with burial and memorial expenses, which are being covered by Lighthouse Trails as Ray has no family, please click here.



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Biblical Christianity – The Biggest Obstacle to the New Age

By Ray Yungen 

The New Age and Christianity definitely clash on the answer to the question of human imperfection. The former—the New Age—espouses the doctrine of becoming self-realized and united with the universe, which New Agers see as God but in reality is the realm of familiar spirits. On the other hand, the Gospel that Christians embrace offers salvation to humanity through grace (unmerited favor). Romans 3:24 boldly states: “. . . being justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus.” In Romans 6:23, we read: “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” This gift is not earned or given as a reward for earnest or good intentions as Scripture clearly states:

For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God; not of works, lest anyone should boast. (Ephesians 2:8-9)

This Scripture that tackles the issue of pride sharply distinguishes all of man’s religions from Christianity. Religion persuades us that man is innately good and, therefore, can earn his way to heaven through human perfectibility or, better yet, through the realization of his own divinity. Christianity emphatically states the opposite view that man needs to humbly recognize his own sinfulness and fallibility, and consequently needs salvation through grace.

The Holy Spirit, through the Scripture, convicts the sinner of his sinful and lost condition and then presents to the despairing and repentant man God’s solution–salvation through the sacrificial death and resurrection of Jesus Christ on the Cross: “In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His grace” (Ephesians 1:7) and then:

[I]f you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. (Romans 10:9-10)

Salvation is entirely a gift of grace bestowed on whoever believes in Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross as both God and man. Consequently, we must receive Him as Lord and Savior, understanding that it is by grace and grace alone that we are made acceptable in Christ before a holy God. Justification is God’s gift to the believer. This saving faith, also a demonstration of God’s grace, is more than an intellectual belief in Jesus’ death on the Cross but involves committing and entrusting one’s life to Jesus as both Lord and Savior–Christ’s going to the Cross was a finished work, and we as believers are now complete in Him. Nothing else can be added to this. How totally opposite from New Age thinking is God’s plan of salvation!

It all comes down to the preaching of the higher self versus the preaching of the Cross. New Agers may say God is synonymous with a person’s higher self, and the experience of God can only be discovered by way of meditation. However, the Christian admits his or her sinfulness before a Holy God and remembers he is saved only by the grace and mercy of God through the sacrificial shedding of Christ’s blood for his sins.

The message of Jesus Christ reaches out to the lost human race with the love of God who sacrificed His only begotten Son for the Swami Muktanandas of the world. The Bible teaches that man has an inherently rebellious and ungodly nature (which is evident), and his ways are naturally self-centered and evil in the sight of God. The Bible teaches that God is not indifferent to us. The sacrifice of Christ for the ungodly to reconcile us to God reveals the Lord’s love toward Man.

This explains why Christianity must be steadfast on these issues. If a belief system does not teach the preaching of the Cross, then it is not “the power of God” (I Corinthians 1:18). If other ways are correct, “then Christ died in vain,” rendering His shed blood unnecessary and immaterial (Galatians 2:21).

Because of this conflict, we can safely say that Christianity is the most formidable obstacle to the New Age, standing like a bulwark against this tidal wave of meditation teachers and practical mystics. But, incredibly, many of the most successful practical mystics are appearing from within Christianity itself. Ironically, instead of stemming the momentum of New Age spirituality, it is our own churches that may very well be the decisive catalysts to propel this movement into prominence. Certain spiritual practices have become entrenched in our churches that, like an iceberg, seem beautiful and impressive on the surface but in reality will cause severe damage and compromise of truth. (from A Time of Departing, pp.24-26)

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February 7, 1952 – October 16, 2016



If you would like to help with burial and memorial expenses, please click here.

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Letter to the Editor: Dave Hunt, Warren B. Smith, Caryl Matrisciana, Roger Oakland, Ray Yungen.

Age, accidents, illness, natural disasters and death, it cannot go unnoticed that these men and women who have walked with God , have each been challenged with tremendous difficulties at this present time.  Is it too much to suggest that the evil one is screaming at them in anger for the good work they have done, exposing the lie and taking a bold stand for gospel truth? We do well to remember them in prayer and thanksgiving for they have been good and faithful servants.  Go in peace, Ray Yungen. Your good work has impacted us also in NZ and Australia and we look forward to meeting you one fine day.

In His Service

Darlene T.A.

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By Lanette Irwin

I first met Ray through mutual friends in Salem, OR, at a dinner in 1984. My husband and I were attending a conference with Dave Hunt and Constance Cumbey on the New Age movement. Ray, like us, were perplexed and flabbergasted learning about the New Age tactics of the anti-Christ. The false church being built seductively under our nose. A friendship was formed as we were all on the same page.

My husband and I moved to Calif in 1985, and from then on, Ray would travel down for his research a few times during each year. We attended the whole life expos (a New Age conference of several organizations, New Age leaders culminating together for a one-world movement). These conferences lasted from Thursday afternoon till Sunday. We collected hundreds of pamphlets as well as many books. Ray would stay till closing, interviewing New Agers wondering what made them tick and how they got hooked. And he was witnessing to them. I would sometimes come up the halls to see who he was talking to –  sometimes a monk a or some of the more famous authors of New Age books. I did my thing –  he did his.

Often, at these conferences and events, they would last until eleven at night. When we got home, we would pull out all the info and read it, talk about it, and compare notes. The copier came out and we copied what we could. We began to form packages – a hundred or more to send to pastors, friends, and leaders we had met exposing the New Age.

But Ray said he wanted to do something on a bigger scale, and he wanted to get the message out there. He said “I want to write I want to speak and expose.” He asked how do I start? I said with prayer, Ray, and more prayer.

I got to know his sweet mom. Ray had very godly parents. We would talk, and one day she asked, “What in the world is he doing with all this stuff –  there must be thousands of pamphlets, newspapers, and books. He reads relentlessly?”

I answered her, “I think the Lord is going to use all that someday. He wants to be a writer and speaker to expose the New Age and become as knowledgeable as he can.”

His parents were as precious as Ray. I never had a brother, but I always wanted one, Ray was a best male friend and brother. In some ways, we were so alike, that he could have been my blood brother.

One thing I want to testify about, Ray was the godliest man I have ever gotten close to. He never married, had no children, no siblings, and his parents and aunts and had passed away. He said life was lonely for him but that he had joy at the same time. He devoted his time to researching and giving his time to others.

Ray would call me from bookstores sometimes. He would be excited and share about a book or someone he had witnessed to, asking for prayer. He was always on the lookout for opportunities to serve the Lord. He was devoted to the Lord and believed in destroying Satan’s kingdom one person at a time.

Ray enjoyed his ministry. He said it felt like a hobby at times. There were times I invited my fellowship group over for dinners. Ray acted like they were dear friends. Ray did not care if it was a guy on a corner alone or a flock of congregates, he always made time to share. Everyone was important to him. It showed by his listening and time he spent with them.

Ray also had a way of sharing and exposing false prophets in a gentle manner and a kind demeanor. Sometimes, you get to know someone so well like your family members and there are so many things you can find that may not be right. Ray was not that person. He was godly, focused on Christ, not puffed up ever, never bragged, never acted superior.

A basic man alone that loved to the very end and a dear brother I will miss and my family will miss. My loss is felt very deeply. The Lord spared him from this world, for that I say “Praise be to the Lord.”

Thank you, Jesus, that I had him for a brother and a friend and the wealth of information we shared. That information will live on to expose the darkness bringing light to the world.

Your sister and friend,
In Heaven until we will meet again
Fellow researcher
Lanette Irwin

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A Tribute – Remembering Ray Yungen

By Lois Putnam

Ray Yungen, Lighthouse Trails special author and supporter, died October 16, 2016 much to the sadness of his many Lighthouse Trails friends and readers.  And although I never met Ray, his writings and warnings impacted my life many times over!

Here are a few of the things I remember from his book: A Time of Departing.

I remember reading that book, now well-marked, and well-worn, while trying to wrap my mind round all of its new ideas, and new names I was encountering.

I remember beginning to understand the scope of the New Age, and the Emergent Church and how it had impacted so many churches and denominations.  I began to be able to use this new found information to “red flag” words, teachings, and persons that Ray had written about.

I remember Ray’s use of key scripture at every turn (highlighted in small gray boxes) to substantiate his findings.

I remember Ray’s writing style as never nasty nor mean, but sincere and truthful pleading with the reader to be aware of the movements that had crept into the churches.

I remember wanting to share the book with others touting its chapters, glossary of terms, list of questions, list of past Christian mystics, endnotes, and index.

I remember being amazed at the degree of, and depth of Ray’s documentation with his twenty-four   end note pages.  Truly Ray’s work was never just hear say or conjecture, but based on solid
research. (pp.208-231) . Click here to continue reading.

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