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“The Number of Teens who Are Depressed is Soaring — and All Signs Point to Smartphones”

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By Jean Twenge
Business Insider

Around 2012, something started going wrong in the lives of teens.

Bigstockphoto.comIn just the five years between 2010 and 2015, the number of U.S. teens who felt useless and joyless – classic symptoms of depression – surged 33 percent in large national surveys. Teen suicide attempts increased 23 percent. Even more troubling, the number of 13- to 18-year-olds who committed suicide jumped 31 percent.

In a new paper published in Clinical Psychological Science, my colleagues and I found that the increases in depression, suicide attempts and suicide appeared among teens from every background – more privileged and less privileged, across all races and ethnicities and in every region of the country. All told, our analysis found that the generation of teens I call “iGen” – those born after 1995 – is much more likely to experience mental health issues than their millennial predecessors.

What happened so that so many more teens, in such a short period of time, would feel depressed, attempt suicide and commit suicide? Click here to continue reading.

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Weekly News in Review From Understand the Times

Weekly News in Review From Understand the Times

Apple-approved app labeled a ‘beacon for homosexual predators’

By Charlie Butts

[W]hen you crunch the numbers . . .  homosexual or bisexual men are approximately 10 times more likely to molest children than are heterosexual men.

A word of caution is being expressed about a new app for phones and tablets. One family advocate says it’s more than controversial – it could be dangerous for children. The app for Apple’s iOS-based phones and tablets is being billed as “the only gay social app approved by the iTunes store for 12-year-olds and older.” In other words, it’s a hookup device to allow homosexuals – even pre-teens – to connect with others of like mind in a new area. It even provides a map to make driving to a meeting place easier. Matt Barber, vice president of Liberty Counsel Action, goes to the heart of the matter. “That Apple would allow an app that essentially facilitates anonymous sexual encounters between boys as young as 12 years old is unconscionable,” he says. “But the real concern comes about when you consider that this app is a homosexual predator’s dream come true.” Click here to read more.

News in Review with Understand the Times

The Merging of Transhumanism and Spirituality

By Carl Teichrib
From Kjos Ministries

Note from Berit: Transhumanism is ultimately an illustration of man’s arrogant rebellion against God, rejection of His eternal Truth, and foolish determination to reshape humanity into their false image of God.

I’m posting Carl’s excellent article on this topic a year late. I didn’t really want to deal such a complex (and almost unbelievable) topic. At first, it sounded more like science-fiction than reality to me. But the volume of credible evidence is growing, and warnings are needed. As Carl asks — then answers in his article below (and in the next article on this subject),

“… is Transhumanism a serious movement, or just the hype of some utopian dreamers? Sure, the technology to alter humanity and shape society either exists or is fast coming on line, but is Transhumanism a real movement or just some techno-fad?”

Standing at the guest booth on the outskirts of the Temple grounds in Salt Lake City, the young lady behind the counter asked if we were attending “the conference.”

“Not the conference,” my wife explained, “but a conference.”

A momentary look of confusion crossed the greeter’s face. After all, the Latter-Day Saints’ General Conference was only hours away, and for the Mormon community GC is the event of the year. Why else would we be in Salt Lake City?

I tried to clarify; “We’re here for a conference sponsored by the Mormon Transhumanist Association. It’s being held at the University” This didn’t help. Like the Mormon greeter, you too are probably wondering; “What in the world is transhumanism?”

In short, Transhumanism is the ultimate goal of Technocracy. In past editions of Forcing Change, a series of articles were published on Technocracy as a meta-movement: the idea that the works of Man’s hands can save Humanity – hence, technology and science forms the basis of a Technocratic society. Transhumanism takes this to its ultimate conclusion:

The development of the post-human or neo-human

Based on the assumption that evolution is true, transhumanism plans to shape the human species through the direct application of science. In other words, by employing technology we can take hold of the evolutionary process and change it as we desire, thus becoming the masters of our future. To this end, advocates of transhumanism ascribe to a multitude of possible options.

The Mormon Transhumanist Association (MTA) gives us an overview. Click here to continue.

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