They Say God Would Never Send His Son to a Violent Death For the Sins of Mankind

LTRP Note: As you read this article by Roger Oakland, remember that as millions of proclaiming Christians give remembrance this weekend to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, countless pastors, teachers, and leaders will be promoting contemplative spirituality, which is a driving force behind the view that is addressed in this article. Thus, we … [Read more…]

Concerns Over “Lord Save Us From Your Followers” Author Speaking at Corban College

Dan Merchant is the author of a new book titled Lord Save Us From Your Followers. Merchant’s book, published by Thomas Nelson, is similar in nature to Dan Kimball’s They Like Jesus But Not the Church. The message in Merchant’s book is basically that since the world doesn’t like Christians, it must be the fault … [Read more…]

Warning: Evangelical Leaders Give Credibility to Emerging Church Conference

In February of 2009, Zondervan publishers will present the annual National Pastors Convention in San Diego, California. This conference, which was founded by emerging church pioneer, Youth Specialties, is a conduit for contemplative mysticism and emerging spirituality. While most of the speakers at each year’s event fall within the alternative emerging church camp, the conference … [Read more…]