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August/September 2005

In the September issue of Newsweek, one of America's top news magazines, the feature article is called "Spirituality in America." With nearly 20 pages devoted to the topic, it is clear by reading the article that America has become a country of meditators.

Called different things by different religions, mantra meditation is all the same thing. An altered state of consciousness (the silence as some call it) is sought after in order to have a mystical experience. Contemplative prayer, now promoted by countless Christian leaders, pastors and colleges, is just another name for this spirituality, which in its very essence proclaims that all paths lead to God. It is for this reason Lighthouse Trails Research Project exists. We have joined many other research ministries and believers around the world in exposing the dangers of contemplative spirituality. It's here. It's not going away. And now every Christian believer must decide whether he or she is going to be a part of America's New Spirituality or rather defend the gospel of Jesus Christ. It can't be both, for they face opposite directions.

In This Issue:
  • The New Age?
    Why Should I Think About That?
  • Purpose Driven Children's Ministry Recommends Contemplative Material
  • 2005 National Youth Workers Convention -
    Dangerous For Youth Workers
  • Americans Go Contemplative - BIG TIME! - Newsweek Article
  • Rick Warren to Share Platform with Deepak Chopra
  • PBS Special Report on the Emerging Church - Video Clips
  • Rick Warren in Rwanda for P.E.A.C.E.
  • New Bible Written by Contemplatives for Contemplatives
  • Leonard Sweet and Quantum Spirituality -
    You Won't Believe Your Ears!
  • Will Rick Warren's 2nd Reformation Unite All Religions?
  • Interspirituality Is Coming To A Church Near You - Will You Recognize It When It Does?
  • Lighthouse Watch - Upcoming Events of Which to Be Aware
  • Amazing Quotes
  • Rick Warren Endorses Another New Age Sympathizer -
    Leonard Sweet!

  • Purpose Driven Children's Ministry Recommends Contemplative Material

    In the July 20th issue of Rick Warren's Ministry Toolbox newsletter, a link takes the reader to Empowering Kids, the Purpose Driven Children's Ministry website. Empowering Kids website is recommending the pro-contemplative Group Publishing as a resource for kids.

    Some of the activities that are promoted and marketed at Group Publishing include labyrinths and books that encourage the use of icons, candles, the silence, and rituals. Group Publishing is also closely tied in with Youth Specialties events where yoga, labyrinths, contemplative prayer, and the emerging church are promoted.

    2005 National Youth Workers Convention -
    Dangerous For Youth Workers

    This year's National Youth Workers Convention (hosted by Youth Specialties), is more dangerous than ever for youth workers. Take a look at the line of speakers and see what we mean:

    We would like to draw your attention to one particular speaker, Maggie Robbins, wife of Duffy Robbins (Purpose Driven and Youth Specialties speaker and author). We are sorry to announce that Maggie Robbins has completed a five year course of study at the Kairos School of Spiritual Formation. The Kairos School is listed on the Spiritual Directors International programs and resources list. SDI is a New Age interfaith, contemplative association.

    A supplemental reading list for Kairos School includes the following authors: David Steindl-Rast, Thomas Keating and Morton Kelsey, all of whom are interspiritual contemplatives.

    Americans Go Contemplative - BIG TIME! - Newsweek Article

    Contemplative prayer is here, and according to a recent Newsweek article (front cover story), "Americans are looking for personal, ecstatic experiences of God," and they are finding it in mantra meditation. Read this article and see why many believers are concerned about contemplative prayer in the evangelical church.

    Rick Warren to Share Platform with Deepak Chopra

    On October 27, 2005 Rick Warren will participate in the California Governor and First Lady's Conference on Women and Families. Other speakers include Deepak Chopra and New Age Mormon, Steven Covey. A special Minerva Award will be given:"The annual Minerva Awards honor remarkable California women who have dedicated their lives to the service of others and who best embody the spirit of the Roman Goddess Minerva - the Goddess of Wisdom and Strength."

    Panels and discussion topics will include: A Conversation with Deepak Chopra, the Global Goddess, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People with Mormon Steven Covey and of course The Purpose Driven Life with Rick Warren.

    The question must be asked, "Will Rick Warren tell these 150,000 women expected to participate that Jesus Christ is their only hope and that all other religious paths do not lead to God, or will he give them little more than what he gave the Ladies Home Journal readers?

    PBS Special Report on the Emerging Church - Video Clips

    PBS' Religion & Ethics Weekly Program Shows the Emerging Church in Action

    Willing to be Lost and Searching Rather Than Be Handed the Gospel of Jesus Christ

    The story shows how far this movement's leaders are willing to go to bring a whole generation into their emergence. These leaders are compromising the gospel and keeping thousands of young people from hearing the true message of salvation.

    The underlying foundation of the emerging church is New Age mysticism. With labyrinths, yoga, chanting, and meditating, the emerging church is helping to unite all the world's religious traditions.

    Part One

    See the Egyptian god symbol used in the "sanctuary" at the 25 second mark of this video.

    Part Two

    PBS' Religion & Ethics Weekly Report on the Emerging Church

    Rick Warren in Rwanda for P.E.A.C.E.

    Rick Warren says he hopes that Rwanda will become the first "Purpose Driven nation."

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    Rick Warren in Rwanda for P.E.A.C.E.
    Warren on Rwanda (Time Magazine Online)

    New Bible Written by Contemplatives for Contemplatives
    The Renovard Spiritual Formation Study Bible

    Richard Foster's new Renovare Spiritual Formation Study Bible has now been released. Editors for the "Bible" include contemplative supporter Walter Brueggemann (who endorses a book, Reimagining Christianity that says the doctrine of the Cross is a vile doctrine),Eugene Peterson, and other contemplatives.

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    Loren Davis is an evangelist to Africa, speaking to hundreds of thousands of people on the continent. Recently, we have had the privilege of making his acquaintance. He believes Africa is very susceptible to apostasy as countless false teachers and New Age promoters, coming in the name of Christianity, are racing to spread their beliefs. Davis believes God wants to warn African Christians of the impending danger. Listen to this evangelist preach.

    Leonard Sweet and Quantum Spirituality -
    You Won't Believe Your Ears!

    Leonard Sweet is an author, speaker, professor, and futurist. He speaks to Christian audiences around the world. Recently, he posted his 1991 book, Quantum Spirituality, on his website in PDF format for all to view and download. This would certainly suggest that Sweet still believes and stands by the book. This emerging church leader has some interesting things to say in this book:

    • "Energy-fire experiences take us into ourselves only that we might reach outside of ourselves. Metanoia is a de-centering experience of connected-ness and community." p. 93
    • "The power of small groups is in their ability to develop the discipline to get people 'in-phase' with the Christ consciousness and connected with one another." p. 147
    • "A surprisingly central feature of all the world's religions is the language of light in communicating the divine and symbolizing the union of the human with the divine: Muhammed's light-filled cave, Moses' burning bush, Paul's blinding light, Fox's 'inner light,' Krishna's Lord of Light, Bohme's light-filled cobbler shop, Plotinus' fire experiences, Bodhisattvas with the flow of Kundalini's fire erupting from their fontanelles, and so on." p. 235

    Will Rick Warren's 2nd Reformation Unite All Religions?

    "Who's the man of peace in any village - or it might be a woman of peace - who has the most respect, they're open and they're influential? They don't have to be a Christian. In fact, they could be a Muslim, but they're open and they're influential and you work with them to attack the five giants. And that's going to bring the second Reformation." - Rick Warren, from the Pew Forum on Religion, May 2005

    Interspirituality Is Coming To A Church Near You - Will You Recognize It When It Does?

    • An Ecumenical Council to Address "Biblical Fundamentalism?"

      "Presiding Bishop Mark Hansen of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has called for an ecumenical council to convene in order to resolve the question of biblical interpretation in the church. Calling for the global council, Bishop Hansen called upon Pope Benedict XVI, leaders of the Eastern Orthodox churches, and mainline Protestant leaders to convene the council in order to stem the tide of what he called "fundamentalist" readings of Scripture." Albert Mohler
      Watch the Video of the ELCA address. (Start at the 28 minute mark.)

    Lighthouse Watch - Upcoming Events of Which to Be Aware

    Lead Like Jesus - November 18th
    Max Lucado's Church with Speakers:
    Ken Blanchard
    Laurie Beth Jones
    David Jeremiah
    and Phil Hodges.

    Foresight 2005 - September 22- 24th
    Regent University with featured speaker, Leonard Sweet.

    Theological Higher Education Conference - October 11th
    South Africa Theological Seminary
    Featured Speaker: Leonard Sweet, author of Quantum Spirituality and Soul Tsunami (endorsed by Rick Warren)

    International Leadership Summit - September 30th - October 1st
    The Netherlands
    With: Ken Blanchard, Rick Warren and Bill Hybels. Also broadcasting to Australia, South Africa, United Kingdom, and more.

    Amazing Quotes

    "The first of these five untheorized observations is that New Light embodiment means to be "in connection" and 'in-formation' with other Christians. Deeper feeling and higher relating go together. The church is fundamentally one being, one person, a comm-union whose cells are connected to one another within the information network called the Christ consciousness." —Leonard Sweet, Quantum Spirituality, Page 122

    "For me to refer to God as "She" would unfortunately put this work [ie.,her book] beyond the boundaries of acceptance and understanding for too many people. We must search for an all-inclusive terminology."-Laurie Beth Jones, Jesus, CEO, p. 305.

    "People who succeed speak well of themselves to themselves. Nowhere in the Gospel does Jesus put himself down. Jesus was full of self-knowledge and self-love. His "I am" statements were what he became." - Laurie Beth Jones, Jesus CEO, p. 8.

    "My acquaintance with eastern methods of meditation has convinced me that ... there are ways of calming the mind in the spiritual disciplines of both the east and the west [and] many serious seekers of truth study the eastern religions." - Thomas Keating

    What works for me is a combination of disciplines: I do yoga, tai chi which is a Chinese martial art and three kinds of meditation—vipasana, transcendental and mantra (sound) meditation. - Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup for the Soul

    Rick Warren Endorses Another New Age Sympathizer -
    Leonard Sweet!

    Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church has endorsed another New Age sympathizer. This time it is Leonard Sweet, author of Soul Tsunami. Warren has endorsed not just the back cover of Soul Tsunami but also the front cover. Leonard Sweet, author of Quantum Spirituality and also Soul Tsunami, speaks of global connectedness, eradicating the gap between good and evil, and a host of other New Age concepts.

    "'Soul Tsunami' shows us why these are the greatest days for evangelism since the first century!" - Rick Warren, front cover.

    In Soul Tsunami, Sweet encourages the use of
    meditation and labyrinths, and the pages are filled with positive quotes and material from New Agers and globalists such as James Redfield, author of The Celestine Prophecy, Sarah Ban Breathnach, author of Simple Abundance, Annie Dillard, Tom Sine, and countless others. If one takes a look at the acknowledgement pages of his book Quantum Spirituality, then it is no surprise that Leonard Sweet finds value in the writings of New Agers:

    "I have followed these 'New Light leaders,' as I am calling them, from varying distances.... [S]ome who led [me]... into new light are"... His list includes
    Matthew Fox, Morton Kelsey, M. Scott Peck, and dozens of other New Agers and interspiritualists.

    In light of the fact that in November 2003
    Rick Warren told his congregation that New Age sympathizer, Ken Blanchard, "signed on" to help implement his global peace plan, it isn't too much of a surprise that he would endorse a book by another New Age sympathizer, Len Sweet. But what is a surprise is that so many churches seem to have no problem with Purpose Driven Life when it only takes a close look to see that Rick Warren is a mirror of the men he endorses and promotes. And if that is the case, is Rick Warren taking his followers down the same interspiritual path as Len Sweet, Ken Blanchard, Brian McLaren, Richard Foster, and a host of other interspiritualists who seem to end up on Rick Warren's endorsement list?

    Our International Resources
    Christian Research Websites Around the World:

    Northern Ireland:
    Take Heed Ministries with Cecil Andrews

    The Netherlands:
    Once Delivered with Dr. Karel van Berghem (Evangelist/Defender of the Faith)

    South Africa:
    Bible Guidance with Professor Johan Malan
    (Articles and books in Afrikaans, Swahili, Russian and more)

    Parole de Vie

    Lighthouse Trails Publishing Has Overseas Distributors in Several Different Countries Now. Check Out Our Growing List.

    The New Age?
    Why Should I Think About That?

    You may be surprised how few Christians really know about the New Age. They've never heard of Neale Donald Walsch or Barbara Marx Hubbard, and as far as they're concerned the New Age movement ended when the '60s hippie era ended. I should know ... I was one of those Christians.

    After 25 years of faithfully sitting in church every week, I rarely heard the term even mentioned, let alone explained. But nearly five years ago, Dave and I were introduced to a 6'4", fellow named Ray Yungen who carried around a manuscript called A Time of Departing and who just happened to have researched the New Age for over twenty years. "Would you take this manuscript home with you and read it?" Ray asked, as he sat across from me in a Salem, Oregon coffee shop. I took the bundle from this humble, gentle-mannered guy and brought it home. Reading it gave us the shock of our lives. Not only was the New Age alive and well, it was alive and well in the Christian church! A year and half later, we began Lighthouse Trails Publishing and a little later Lighthouse Trails Research Project. A Time of Departing was our first published book.

    What does the term New Age really mean? Ray Yungen explains it like this:

    "The Age of Aquarius [synonymous with the New Age] is when we are all supposed to come to the understanding that man is God. As one New Age writer put it, 'A major theme of Aquarius is that God is within. The goal in the Age of Aquarius will be how to bring this idea into meaningful reality.'1

    Contrary to what many people think, the New Age did not die out in the '60s but was slowly but surely integrating into every facet of society - medicine, business, schools, science and religion. The last frontier for the New Age to conquer was the evangelical church, and it is with great sadness we see that it has finally achieved that victory.

    In order to spot New Age beliefs when they come into your church or Christian college, it helps to know who the influential New Age leaders of today are and what they are teaching. You may not have heard of them, but we guarantee their teachings have made major inroads into our society and are moving full speed ahead, altering the message of Jesus Christ as being the only way of salvation and pressing society into a mold that says, "All paths lead to God." Here are just a few:

    As you study the New Age and its leaders, you will begin to see some common themes that are now being taught by many well known Christian leaders:

    • Global Peace Plans
    • Meditation (i.e. contemplative prayer)
    • Global Connectedness (Unity and Community)
    • Ecumenism (Finding Truth in All Religions)

    To understand the New Age and its effect on the church, we encourage you to listen to some of the radio interviews by some of the authors and researchers we know. We also encourage you to read Ray Yungen's first book, For Many Shall Come in My Name This book gives excellent and compelling explanations of the New Age and it's effect on the world and in the church.

    We can tell ourselves it isn't necessary to know about the New Age, that we aren't personally involved with it so why should we have to understand it? But what about our fellow brothers and sisters and friends, children and grandchildren? What is the world going to be like for them? More importantly, what is the church going to be like for them? Will what is called Christianity be recognizable in ten years? At the rate things are going today, with countless Christian leaders swaying to the New Age beat, the "gospel" will have a new definition, and while true Christianity and the gospel of Jesus Christ can never be changed, a new gospel and a New Age spirituality will counterfeit the real thing, deceiving many and presenting to the world a false christ.

    Lighthouse Trails Publishing


    1. Ray Yungen, For Many Shall Come in My Name quoting Marion Weinstein, Positive Magic: Occult Self- Help, (Custer, Washington: Phoenix Pub., Inc. 1978), p. 19

    "But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, and the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand." Ezekiel 33:6

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