The Enneagram— Does It Have A Place In Christianity?

The Enneagram—
Does It Have A Place In Christianity?


"The enneagram is a circle with nine points on it. Inside the circle two figures connect the nine points, a triangle and an oddly shaped six-pointed figure. Most people who refer to the enneagram, however, relate it to a personality typology system based on this drawing" more ...

"Definition: a system of spiritual psychology based on an ancient Sufi typology of nine personality types or primary roles with the recognition of one's type tantamount to a spiritual awakening" from Alternative Health Dictionary

Enneagram and Spirituality

A Catholic monk speaks about the Enneagram and says any religion can use it. Listen to this. (for research only, not as an endorsement of the source)

Enneagram and the Occult

"Gurdjieff’s work led to the formation of the New-Age cult, Arica, founded by his disciple Oscar Ichazo. It was Ichazo and his colleague Claudio Naranjo (an instructor at the Esalen Institute) who together developed the Enneagram in the 1960’s as an indicator of personality in its current form.(14) Naranjo merged the Enneagram with 9 of Freud’s 10 personality defense mechanisms....

Barbara Metz, SND, and John Burchill, OP, recommend the Enneagram as a way of engaging in "kything prayer". Kything Prayer can be done with any other person, present or absent, dead or alive, whose Enneagramic reading ‘moves against your numerical arrows’. The key is to "let your center find itself within the person with whom you are kything" and to "Picture yourself within the [other] person." An alternative form of Enneagramic kything is to "invite the other person’s spirit into themselves."(19) One may very well ask how appropriate it is for Christians to be inviting the spirits of the dead into themselves. Does this not slide into occultic channeling/mediumistic practices that are clearly forbidden by Holy Scripture?(20) Is it enough for Enneagram advocates like Jim Scully of Pecos Abbey to say "that ‘occult’ and ‘satanic’ are not synonyms? God told me back in 1979 that the greatest issue facing the Church in the 1990’s would be the deception of inter-faith syncretism. Maybe it is time for us as Anglicans and Christians to truly wake up and repent of our syncretistic mixing of Christ and the occult, of good and evil, of truth and deception, of light and darkness. "Gurdjieff and the Enigmatic Enneagram" by Ed Hird, Anglican Renewal Ministries of Canada


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