Alpha - the Altered State of Consciousness

This page contains quotes by those involved in the occult, not as an endorsement of such but rather to show connection between the occult and an altered state of consciousness.

"Mystical states of consciousness happen in the alpha state ... The Alpha State also occurs voluntarily during light hypnosis, meditation, biofeedback, day dreaming, hypnogogic and hypnapompic states."
Dr. Andre Eggelletion, as told by Dr. Lee Warren, B.A., D.D.

Does contemplative prayer, (the repeating of a word or phrase as taught by Richard Foster and Thomas Merton) take the practitioner in to the alpha altered state of consciousness? We believe it does ... dangerously so.

"It is my belief that all information...comes to us in alpha because all information in the universe consists of light energy. Light enters the pineal gland, or Third Eye, located in the center of the head between the eyebrows, where many psychics say they experience physical sensations when they receive extrasensory information." Power of the Witch, by Laurie Cabot

Secular applications of religious contemplative practices
by Octavian Sarbatoare

"However in preliminary stages various techniques require that the mediator directs [his or her] own attention to a single object, a symbol, image, word(s) as Mantra or to a repetitive movement such as the awareness of the breath. Behind the theologies of such practices whether they be of Hindu, Buddhist or Christian Orthodoxy origin, the basic effect is the same." "Various brain waves were linked to these states. For example the Beta wave expresses a normal waking state, Alpha and Theta waves an altered state and Delta a deep sleep state of consciousness."

"Alpha is the springboard for all psychic and magical workings. It is the heart of witchcraft". Laurie Cabot, Power Of The Witch

"If you feel we live in a purely physical universe, you will view meditation as a good way to obtain a consistent alpha brain wave pattern" Richard Foster in
Celebration of Discipline


"The science of witchcraft is based upon our ability to enter altered states of consciousness we call "alpha"... This is a state associated with relaxation, meditation and dreaming...In alpha the mind opens up to non ordinary forms of communication...Here we also experience out-of-body sensations and psychokinesis and receive mystical, visionary information" Laurie Cabot, Power Of the Witch, Delta Books, 1989

"...almost everyone has the potential, to one degree or another, to cultivate shamanic abilities if he or she wishes to do so. Researchers ... have found that entrainment of the brainwaves to the alpha and theta rhythms ... induce similar trance and visionary experiences.
By Sarah Belle Dougherty
(Music and Healing Arts)

"Chanting or meditating silently on mantras helps one to attain an altered state of consciousness ..."
From an online encyclopedia of
mysticism and the occult

"It should be noted that these studies represent the very best results that can be expected from the classical meditative disciplines, as these individuals were totally immersed in the contemplative lifestyle.... These individuals consistently produced mid to high-frequency alpha waves" ZEN STUDY

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