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“The rise of centering prayer is causing many churches to become agents of transformation. Those who practice it tend to embrace this one-world-religion idea.” – Ray Yungen, 1991, 1st Ed. For Many Shall Come in My Name

As you may already know, Lighthouse Trails Publishing has been carrying Ray Yungen’s first book, For Many Shall Come in My Name, since we became his publisher in 2002 and published his book, A Time of Departing. For Many Shall Come in My Name was published in 1991, and when we met Ray, there were about 3000 copies still in print.

Those copies are now gone, with the exception of about 45 copies. This year we signed a contract with Ray and have become the new publisher for the book. We are happy to announce that we will be coming out with a new, revised and expanded, edition in March 2007.

I first read the book in 2001 when I met Ray and found it astounding back then. Recently I began reading it again and in light of what I know now about the contemplative prayer movement, I am amazed at this book. The very things Ray discussed 15 years ago in the book about the New Age movement, including the Ancient Wisdom, have now entered Christendom full force in the name of Spiritual Formation, contemplative prayer, Purpose Driven and the Emerging Church.

You may wish to read this excerpt to see why we think this book is an important one in understanding the New Age movement and new spirituality that has entered the church. Read this excerpt from For Many Shall Come in My Name

New Edition

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