1. Sheila

    Why are not the “Health, Wealth and Prosperity” people listed on the list? Andrew Womack, Kenneth Copeland, Joyce Meyers, etc. This doesn’t make sense they aren’t on the list. I live in a town with one and they’ve brought so much destruction to our city. Please answer. Thanks!

  2. Thomas

    Thank you for having included the additions. We have to keep an eye on Doreen – it is too early to cross her out. She has gone into the other extreme, into Calvinism (see her video ‘Top Myths about Reformed Theology with Dr. Kim Riddlebarger’). Let us earnestly pray for her.

  3. Angela

    It’s a wonderful testament to God’s grace that at least one out of hundreds [of New Agers] has repented! God is merciful! May some of the others repent before meeting their Maker, also.

  4. Henryk Kieltyka

    Dlaczego na liście znajduje się McMahon z TBC ? (Why is TBC’s McMahon on the list?)

    LTRP Reply: T.A. McMahon from The Berean Call is not on the list. The man’s name on the list is Edwin McMahon – no connection to TBC.

  5. 'grandma' Jeanne

    May I please know why some of these folks are on the list…like Hannah Hurnard. I’ve read her allegories and thought they were good. Has she other writings that you think belong on this list? It would be good somehow to know why they’re included…
    I knew Ken Boa years ago and I guess now he’s gone off the trail with his wife Karen? So sad.

  6. Amy

    Chris, thank you for doing this extremely hard work. This list brings me to tears and my heart physically aches at how many false teachings and teachers there are. There are so many people I know who have been sucked in. (I was one of them for years). Warning others of this is not easy but is so necessary and must be done. May God use this to save many out of deception.
    God bless you!

  7. T-Mac

    Todd Wilson is another one I’m curious to know more on the issues, as I follow this guy in the homeschooling movement. Thank you!!

  8. T-Mac

    Susan Brinkmann – from the Brinkmann Adventures? Just curious what the false teaching are in her case? Would like to know as we have the audio cd’s and the kids like the stories. Thanks!

  9. Sally

    Didn’t see Bill Johnson from Bethel in Redding CA
    Thank you this booklet. Lord Bless your work.

  10. Mike,
    We do have and will continue to have much to say about Bill Gothard and his legalistic, controlling unbiblical teachings, but he does not exactly fall within the categories covered in this booklet.

  11. Thaddeus,
    Doreen Virtue was one of the top selling New Age authors in today’s market, who was largely published by Hay House. After she became a believer, she tried to get her books off the market, but with publisher contracts that haven’t expired and with third-party sellers (many of which Amazon has), her materials are still available. I have been told that she takes no royalties from any of those sales. Plus, she has a notice on her Amazon author page that says: PLEASE NOTE: DOREEN IS NOT SELLING NEW AGE PRODUCTS! OTHER PEOPLE ARE SELLING THEM ON AMAZON, AGAINST DOREEN’S CLEAR REQUESTS TO STOP SELLING HER CARDS. PLEASE DON’T BUY DOREEN’S CARDS OR NEW AGE BOOKS! (https://www.amazon.com/stores/author/B000AQ06F8/about)

  12. Thaddeus

    Doreen Virtue, has been removed from this list, as she has become a Christian in 2017. Why is Amazon and other outlets selling her books?

  13. To all commenting here,

    Thank you very much for your kind comments listed here. Many more names could have been added to this updated booklet, however, space did not allow as it is simply a small booklet. A much longer list of names could easily go into the thousands. Also, several hundred more names will be included in a different publication under topics that are different than what is included in this newly Updated & Expanded 2nd Edition. Thank you again for your kind comments, we sincerely appreciate all of your encouraging notes.

  14. JDV

    You may want to include a warning related to the writings of monk Guy / Guigo II, apparently portrayed by some as a key figure in establishing the “Lectio Divina“ practice.

  15. Jane Sveska

    Thank you Chris Lawson! As a church librarian, I find this list very useful and valuable.

  16. Inez Aultman

    Having read through to the end of this list, it did give me JOY to see a name struck through.

  17. John

    Incredible! Thank you so much. God bless Chris Lawson and Lighthouse Trails for the labor and love put into this.

  18. terri abraham

    this is very helpful . will share with my pastor and others. thankful for this.

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