Letter to the Editor: My Future as a Methodist Uncertain as LGBT Vote Soon Takes Place

Dear Lighthouse Trails: It’s getting much more difficult to find Christian books which speak truth, about God, His Word, the church, without a New Age, spiritual formation, emerging church agenda. I quit going to United Methodist Women monthly meetings; one woman uses Jesus Calling as the devotional reading. Sunday School has become a political discussion … [Read more…]

Parents Beware: Indiana Education Bill Seeks “Mental Health” Control Of All Kids

LTRP Note: The following out-of-house news story is posted for informational and research purposes. By Alex NewmanFP Media Draconian “education” legislation to further erode parental rights and gather all sorts of “mental health” data on children, among other controversial elements, is making its way through the Indiana legislature now. Activists are in an uproar about … [Read more…]