Jack Phillips Again in Legal Trouble, This Time for Not Making Transgender-Themed Cake

By Michael Gryboski Christian Post Colorado baker Jack Phillips, who earlier this year won a United States Supreme Court case over his refusal on religious grounds to make a same-sex wedding cake, is back in court over his objection to making a transgender-themed cake. . . . The Alliance Defending Freedom, the conservative legal group … [Read more…]

MSN: “The Single Biggest Reason Why U.S. Marijuana Sales Likely Will Skyrocket”

LTRP Note: Recently, Lighthouse Trails published a booklet by Linda Nathan titled The Cross and the Marijuana Leaf. Nathan wrote this booklet to show the truth about marijuana. As the use of marijuana continues to skyrocket in the U.S. (as the MSN article below says),  the downfall of the American society will continue as well. … [Read more…]

“Despite Widespread Claims” – “Meditation Does Not Make You a Better Person, Study Finds”

LTRP Note: Posted for informational and research purposes. By Francesca Marshall The Telegraph (UK) Meditation does not make you a better person according to a new study despite widespread claims that meditation can make you calmer and more compassionate towards other people. Researchers have found that despite popular beliefs that meditation can make people more … [Read more…]