Meditating Upon AA

by John Lanagan AA’s 11th Step states: Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood Him, praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out. “Don’t make a big deal about AA’s ‘prayer and meditation,’” writes pro-AA author Dick B. … … [Read more…]

Alcoholics Anonymous and Contemplative Spirituality

by John Lanagan   “For our struggle is … against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.” (Ephesians 6:12) The elements of the false church continue to take shape. Some, it seems, are already here. Striving to unite into one smooth apostasy, spiritual forces behind emergent and contemplative heresy continue to mix, and mesh, … [Read more…]

How Hinduism Changed Its Message

by Caryl Matrisciana Yoga is experiencing a renaissance worldwide. What has brought about this phenomenon? Classic Hinduism is not missionary minded in the same sense as Christianity. Christian missionaries share their faith and carry on humanitarian work, but Hindu missionaries only proselytize. This difference is generated by the diametrically opposed beliefs of the two religions. … [Read more…]

MOVE OVER PASTORS – “Spiritual Director”: A New Gift from an Ancient Tree

by Larry DeBruyn Guarding His Flock Ministries Regardless of what you might think of the operation of spiritual gifts–whether all of them, some of them, or none of them are operative today–we should be aware of the new spiritual gift on the block: the gift of “spiritual director.” As one spiritual director remarks, “I continue … [Read more…]

Everything is Not Spiritual

by Larry DeBruyn A Critique of Rob Bell’s Pan-Spiritual Worldview “Some have wandered away from . . . a sincere faith and turned to meaningless talk. They want to be teachers of the law, but they do not know what they are talking about or what they so confidently affirm.” (1 Timothy 1:5-7) Among emergent … [Read more…]

WorldNetDaily: “Do we love our children?”

by Linda Harvey (Mission America) They are falling like dominoes. State after state is declaring homosexual unions “marriage”: Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa and now, Vermont, with California trembling on the brink. Marriage revolution measures also lurk in the legislatures of Maine, New Jersey and New Hampshire. As much as some don’t want to recognize what’s happening, … [Read more…]

Tantra Sex: Evangelicals Catching Up with New Agers?

by Caryl Matrisciana Tantra and “Spiritual Sex”? Tantric sex incorporates mysticism into sexual activity. Couples, who seek out help for their relationships, are instructed to go into meditative states while being intimate. In her book, Conjugal Spirituality (which is promoted by Gary Thomas, a popular Christian author), Mary Anne McPherson Oliver discusses and encourages the … [Read more…]


  by Paul Proctor News With Views American Family Association’s news editor, Ed Vitagliano, ended 2008 with a curious column at their affiliated website titled, Praying for the new president, where he chastised’s founder and editor Joseph Farah for taking Pastor Rick Warren to task for accepting President-elect Barack Obama’s invitation to lead … [Read more…]

The Dangers of Spiritual Formation and Spiritual Disciplines

A Critique of Dallas Willard and The Spirit of the Disciplines by Bob DeWaay Practices called “spiritual disciplines” that are deemed necessary for “spiritual formation” have entered evangelicalism. Recent encounters with this teaching narrated to me by friends caused me to investigate these practices. The first experience involved my friend and co-worker Ryan Habbena who … [Read more…]

Visualization: Part of the New Age Deception

by Caryl Matrisciana  The current popularity of visualization techniques is largely due to a woman named Shakti Gawain. Her book, Creative Visualization, teaches that we can, in essence, create our own reality. Her teaching goes beyond the boundaries of a normal use of the imagination–it delves into the supernatural, mystical world where one can conjure … [Read more…]

The Shack: Imagination, Image, and Idolatry

by Larry DeBruyn  God is Truth. That He is Truth distinguishes Him from idols which are false. Of the Lord, the prophet declared, “There is none like Thee, O Lord; Thou art great, and great is Thy name in might,” and explained of those who create idols, “But they are altogether stupid and foolish In … [Read more…]

John Wimber’s Paradigm Shift, The River Movement and the Kundalini Effect

by Kevin Reeves  John Wimber’s Paradigm Shift, *The River Movement and the Kundalini Effect The Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship’s success on the world stage is best understood within a Vineyard context, as that church was a Vineyard affiliate at the time of the revival’s outbreak in January of 1994. It was Vineyard magnate John Wimber … [Read more…]


by Chris Lawson of Spiritual Research Network  The 2008 National Pastors Convention, which is being Brought to you by: Zondervan and Inter-Varsity Press, also has Presenting Sponsors: Vida, World Vision and The purpose of the 2008 National Pastors Convention is stated in their banner sentence for the convention: nourish your soul. engage your mind. … [Read more…]

Why Do People Leave Their Churches

by Paul Proctor  Last week in my NewsWithViews column,1 I responded to the curious claims of a Christian Post reporter about alleged survey findings she highlighted from a LifeWay study in a couple of recent articles titled, “Most Adults Switch Churches to Flee Former Church.” and “Most Church Switchers Choose Non-Traditional Worship,” where she concluded … [Read more…]