Conversations with [a] God

by Kjos Ministries  “Conversations with [a] God” by Berit Kjos: The quotes below reflect the mystical teachings of the “New Thought Movement.”1 Each is part of a dialogue between author Neale Donald Walsch and a spiritual entity (spirit guide) that calls itself “God.” The result is a seductive occult message spoken with divine authority. Apparently, … [Read more…]

BOOK REVIEW: East of Eden

by Berean Beacon Ministries East of Eden Book Review by Iain H. Murray “At first sight this is a text-book on the errors of Roman Catholicism and today that is enough for numbers to pass it by. We live in an age when the contentions of Protestants and Catholics belong to the past. A friendly … [Read more…]

INTERSPIRITUALITY ALERT! Bringing together the disciples of Christ and Buddha

by Understand the Times with Roger Oakland  Over the past few days a number of news items have been posted revealing that dialogue for world peace between Pope Benedict XVI and other world religious leaders (Islamic, Jewish and Buddhist) has been intensifying. While these events are happening and line up with what we would expect … [Read more…]

Brian McLaren a Progressive Christian?

by Eastern Regional Watch Ministries  I came across this article yesterday, Evangelical Author Puts Progressive Spin On Traditional Faith by Caryle Murphy of the Washington Post, which clearly reveals Brian McLaren’s heart and mind with regard to Evangelical Christianity. Please remember that this is a soft sell on Brian McLaren but it gives us more … [Read more…]

Alan Jones’ Reimagining Christianity: the Way Back to Rome

by Berean Beacon Ministries  Anglican Alan Jones, Dean of Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, California, and author of Reimagining Christianity: Reconnect Your Spirit without Disconnecting Your Mind, lives deeply and unhappily awash in a world of particulars from which he has found no escape. He says his book “is a snapshot of the world in … [Read more…]

The Ant Bully – A Movie for Kids?

by Kjos Ministries   Mocked and humiliated by the neighborhood bully, ten-year-old Lucas stomps on the first ants he spots in his yard. Then he squirts their anthill with water. The falling drops — as seen from an ant’s perspective — look like a sky-full of huge shimmering canon balls. Inside the anthill, revenge is brewing. … [Read more…]

NEW AGE Pathways in the Church

  by Let Us Reason Ministries By now, there should be no doubt that the new age movement has permeated the culture with its beliefs and practices. Year after year the public has become more exposed to its teachings through the TV, magazines and the spiritual trends in society used by the populace (yoga, meditation, … [Read more…]

Marching toward Global Solidarity

by Berit Kjos   During the 1996 UN Conference on Human Settlements (Habitat II), I attended a day-long “Dialogue” on the meaning of “Solidarity” at Istanbul’s elegant Ciragan Palace. Registered as a reporter, I received a list of 21 panel members. It included UNESCO’s Director General Federico Mayor, the now discredited UN leader Maurice Strong, … [Read more…]

When You Pray … Say

by Larry DeBruyn Contemplative Prayer and the Lord’s Prayer. Between contemplative spirituality and biblical Christianity there reside watershed distinctions between first, the definition, and then, the practice of prayer. Simply stated, prayer is talking to God. In speaking to God, believers are free to disclose their hearts’ deepest longings and vexations to him, including their … [Read more…]

The Emerging New World Order

by Kjos Ministries When applied to religion, the “new ways of thinking” means setting aside our old “narrow” beliefs for the sake of unity. For this to happen, Christianity must either bend or break, yet even church leaders are imposing these psycho-social strategies on their unsuspecting followers. In fact, many Christians now believe this new … [Read more…]