What is the Spiritual Formation Movement and Why is it Unbiblical?

by Roger Oakland Spiritual Formation: A movement that has provided a platform and a channel through which contemplative prayer is entering the church. Find spiritual formation being used, and in nearly every case you will find contemplative spirituality. In fact, contemplative spirituality is the heartbeat of the spiritual formation movement. When I first began writing … [Read more…]

USA Today Reports on Spiritual Formation & the Disciplines

By G. Jeffrey MacDonald Special for USA TODAY “More Americans’ spiritual growth nutured within” To many people, focusing on their “inner life” means cultivating a closer relationship with God, perhaps by developing a meditation or prayer practice or developing other spiritual disciplines. To others, it may be a more secular quest for tranquility and connectedness. … [Read more…]

Seventh Day Adventists Turns to Spiritual Formation

The following article illustrates the move by the Seventh Day Adventist church toward spiritual formation (i.e., contemplative spirituality). Once again, we remember that nearly every denomination (and religion) is succumbing to contemplative/mystical spirituality.It is sobering to realize that while people throughout the globe meet this weekend for church and religous services, a fast-growing number of … [Read more…]