Roger Oakland – Reporting from the Bryce Homes in Kenya

By Roger Oakland (reporting from Kenya) Understand the Times, International This report is coming from Kenya. Tom Worthington and I arrived here a few days ago. This is my fifth trip since 2011. Tom is a pastor from Crown Point Indiana who has a tremendous heart for missions. Together we have been on several missions … [Read more…]

Bryce Homes in Kenya – Let the Digging Begin

Thank you to the Lord and to the donors of UTT and LT for your donations during the Winter Offering. Latrines for the Bryce Homes in Kenya are now being built. The slideshow below shows the progress.     TWO WAYS TO DONATE TO THE BRYCE HOMES IN KENYA (choose one): 1. Through the Understand the Times website (you … [Read more…]

A Scrapbook from Kenya – Bryce Homes Doing Well – Thank you Lighthouse Trails Readers

    If you would like to donate, remember, all donations go through Understand the Times. For more information, slideshows, etc, visit our missions site at or go to We hope you will join this missions project that does not compromise the message of the Cross. If you haven’t read Roger Oakland’s article/booklet, … [Read more…]