Native American Men Who Longed For “the Book” and Were Denied

LTRP Note: The following is a story from the book Stories From Indian Wigwams and Northern Campfires. The book was written by Egerton Ryerson Young, a young Canadian missionary in the late 1800s, who, with his wife and small children, spent years with the Native people in Canada, living among them, loving them, and sharing the Gospel and the Word of … [Read more…]

Letter to the Editor: Lighthouse Trails Shouldn’t Help the Poor in Other Countries

LTRP Note:  As we’ve watched interest in the Bryce Homes in Kenya Program  drop by Lighthouse Trails readers over the past year or so, we thought it interesting that we received this e-mail from a reader shortly after sending out our Winter Offering for the Bryce Homes Program in Kenya this morning. Thinking that perhaps … [Read more…]